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1/4 oz South African Gold Krugerrand Coin

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South African Krugerrand gold coin

The 1/4 oz South African Gold Krugerrand Coin is offered in Dazzling Uncirculated condition. Each coin has actually been minted with 1/4 troy ounce of pure gold and consists of 22k (91.67%) gold. The coin you get will be from the year of our choice based upon our inventory at the time you position your order.

Originally commissioned in 1967 as a means of marketing the nations gold, the Krugerrand has actually because become South Africa’s most popular piece of currency both within the country and across the globe. The splendid gold coin included here is the 1/4 oz South African Krugerrand, which third biggest denomination readily available in the series. It determines 22.06 mm in size and boasts a gold purity of 91.6% (22 karats). The coins included in this exclusive collection are of varying mintage years and will be distributed based on schedule at the time the order is put. Every coin is guaranteed to arrive in BU (Fantastic Uncirculated Condition), framed in either a protective coin sleeve or sealed tube.

The artwork featured on the Krugerrand coin provides viewers the opportunity to immerse themselves in South Africa’s rich culture and history. Happily displayed on the obverse of the coin is a picture of Paul Kruger. This celebrated figure was the state president of South Africa who would ultimately emerge as the primary leader of the Boer resistance in their fight against the British throughout the 2nd Boer War. As homage to this brave hero, local artists have exercised excellent care in the rendering of his portrait, from his penetrating eyes to his trademark long beard. Printed above Krugers image is the countries name in both its native language (” Suid Afrika”) and its Anglicized form (South Africa).

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Prominently shown on the reverse side of the coin is South Africa’s iconic springbok antelope, dashing across the grassy fields of its native habitat. Audiences will unquestionably value the sense of motion created by its posture and the vibrant angles of its legs. Such information makes it look like though the antelope had been captured in mid-gallop, perhaps in search of food. Flanking opposite sides of the animal is the coins mintage date. The coins weight, purity and series title appear in circular development along the edge of the coin.

The History

The name itself originates from integrating the currency of the nation, rand, with the surname of Paul Kruger, the renowned former president of South Africa. Along with Kruger’s picture, the coin’s obverse carries the inscriptions ‘South Africa’ and ‘Suid Afrika’ which highlight the different languages across the country. Consisting of both languages was essential at the time, as it showed the joining of the two very various cultures within South Africa; the Afrikani and the Western.

These coins were the simplest method for the locals of South Africa to buy gold. The remainder of the world was presented to the coin during the 1970s’ terrific rally in gold rates.

Return to the original mintage year of 1967 for the 1/4 Krugerrand, and investors purchased the coin for 28 rand. This is equivalent to approximately $2.42 US dollars at the current exchange rate. Today the exact same coin is valued about 140 times higher.

These coins proved to be as strong bullion investments and those that grabbed them early are extremely grateful they did today.

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The Design

The gold South African Krugerrand coin reverse side features a springbok antelope. This animal is thought about iconic in South Africa, so it exists proudly on a field of turf. It is also marked with “1/4 Krugerrand”, the date of problem, and the words “Fyngold 1/4 oz Fine Gold”– another example of the two languages.

As mentioned above, the name of coin is available in part from the name of former President Paul Kruger. Not only does the coin bear his name, his profile appears on the obverse side of the coin. Kruger is considered a hero in the country for his role in the 2nd Boer War against the British.

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