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1 Ducat Austrian Gold Coin

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Each of the 1 Ducat Austrian Gold Coins readily available to you here today is a main restrike of the original flowing 1 Ducat Gold Coins of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The coins have either Brilliant Uncirculated or About Uncirculated conditions, the latter of which suggests the existence of only slight signs of wear and tear.

The Ducat has an intricate history, as mentioned earlier. This format of gold coin was released as early as the Middle Ages and embraced in numerous styles, weights, and sizes by countless empires, kingdoms, and city-states throughout the European continent. Among the most popular forms was the Dutch Ducat, which was first, issued by the Holland province in 1583 as a copy of Hungarian Ducats.

By the early 1600s, Amsterdam had become a center of international trade and Dutch-type Ducats were being provided for usage as worldwide trading currency. By the 1850s and the formation of Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Austrians would adopt the Dutch Ducat as a format for gold trade currency.

Austrian Gold Ducats are among the finest investment coins of their type and Bullion Trading LLC is pleased to offer a series of formerly flowed Austrian Ducats and commemorative restrikes. These big gold coins were motivated by the middle ages coinage of Europe and they are valued by investors for a number of factors. Their 98.60% fineness is especially high for a former flow coin, while restrikes released by the Austrian Mint in Vienna are produced according to original measurements and date– a distinct privilege shared by no other bullion coin. New Edition coins bear the date ‘1915’ to honor Austria’s longest reigning Emperor, Franz Joseph I and to mark the extension of the Mint following WWI.

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This coin is not really easy to get your hands on, and for lots of collectors it becomes a little a reward piece in their collection. Not just is this coin fascinating for collectors, but for gold investors also. The quantity of gold in these coins is not big, but it is sufficient to bring in people who wish to store their wealth in the security and simple transfer of gold. The design of this coin is one of the important things that have impressed many people. The obverse side shows Emperor Franz Joseph with a laurel crown along with a statement calling him emperor around the border of the coin. The reverse side features a heraldic coat of arms of the Austrian Empire and has inscriptions for each of the various provinces noted on the sides. In general, this coin is lovely, rather uncommon, and an excellent addition for anyone that wants to invest or gather gold coins

Buying Ducat Coins

You can buy Austrian Ducats from the Bullion Trading LLC online store for highly competitive rates. To purchase merely click on the coin of your choice from the choice above to take you to the item description page, then contribute to cart highlighted by the orange strip in the volume rates table.

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