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1 oz British Gold Britannia Coin

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The first British Gold Britannia coin was minted over 2,000 years ago when the Roman Empire expanded and conquered new provinces. The new provinces were personified with female figures to establish order and foster unity. The Roman army matched northwards and crossed over to the British shores.

The production of the British gold Britannia coin came to a halt for a while, but minting resumed in 1672. The coin was reintroduced during the reign of King Charles II. Lady Britannia has appeared in all gold coins alongside the image of the reigning monarch. She is a symbol of national pride in Britain.

Philip Nathan designed the 2020 British Gold Britannia coin. In this edition, Lady Liberty is seen standing firmly in the face of a storm. Her posture displays the strength and endurance of Britain as a nation.

The Features of the 1 Ounce British Gold Britannia Coin

  • The coins contain 1 troy ounce of .9999 pure gold in brilliant uncirculated condition.
  • The Britannia coin has a face value of 100 pounds sterling and is guaranteed by the government of Britain.
  • The front of the coin bears an image of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • The back of the coin is engraved with the image of Lady Britannia
  • The 2020 British gold Britannia coin includes new security features.
  • The issue of the 2020 Britannia coin marked the 35th anniversary the coins were minted for the first time.

The introduction of the 2021 Bullion Britannia gold coin revolutionized security in the bullion market. The coin was designed by the team responsible for the United Kingdom’s newly designed £1 coin. The Britannia coin has earned the title of the world’s most secure coin. The Royal Mint achieved this by including the latest security technology in the coin.

Philip Nathan designed the award-winning Britannia coin in 1987 and it became the enduring sign of the British nation. Lady liberty is depicted bearing a union flag, which symbolizes the strength of Britain. Furthermore, the lady is holding an olive branch that represents peace. The Britannia coin is aesthetically appealing with a finer level of .9999.

The modern Britannia coin bears four landmark features. A trident representing Britain’s naval history is inscribed on the bottom left. The surface of the coin is engraved with waves representing sea waves. The same features are found on the 1/20 Oz, ¼ Oz, and 1/100 Oz gold coins. The 10 Oz silver coin also bears the same features.

The Key Security Features Found On the New British Gold Britannia Coins 

  • Four new advanced visual security features that tamper-proof the coins.
  • A latent image change that makes the trident turn into a padlock when viewed from a specific angle.
  • Surface animation that depicts sea waves.
  • Micro text engravings for decoration and security.
  • Britannia shield that includes the Union flag with accented lines.

The front of the Britannia gold coins bears the image of Queen Elizabeth II as done by Jody Clark in 2015. It is the fifth portrait of Her Majesty to appear in British bullion coins. The new effigy depicts the queen at the age of 89 years, wearing the George V State Diadem Crown.

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Isaac Kahan

Isaac Kahan