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Happy Friday everyone! Many of you are most likely already loading your bags for the weekend ahead. All of us anticipate the vacations, just not the day that comes after the vacation (work, school, bleh!). So, to make your post vacation week a little bit more bearable, Bullion Trading LLC is having an unique! We are offering our mint sealed 1 Oz PAMP Suisse gold bars for just $65 (regularly $75) over area! Come on in (after your holiday naturally, no need to hurry just yet) and get them while products last. Hope to see you quickly! Bullion Trading LLC

Post Memorial Day Sale!

OPM gold bars
The expensive and tiresome mining process for gold is extremely damaging to the environment. The EPA states that gold mining contributes more mercury pollution than trash incineration, contaminated materials collection and mercury mining integrated. It likewise requires uprooting huge locations of earth that become permanently destroyed in the consequences. Its a large price to spend for even a single ounce bar of gold. We must all do our part to preserve the location we call house and thats why business like Ohio Precious Metals(OPM) utilize just recycled metal in their products. By supporting Green business you are supporting the preservation of your home world. What you might not understand is how it got to be so. Sure, that gold bracelet […]

Gold Goes Green