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Why do premiums differ? Well, that mainly depends on 2 things: popularity/demand and how difficult it is to produce. The more popular a specific mint of coin or bar is, the more people want to buy them and for that reason the more difficult they are to get which makes them more important. The more challenging it is to manufacture a particular gold coin or gold bar will also impact how high the premium is. The smaller gold gram bars usually have greater premiums relative to the quantity of gold they contain. This is due to the fact that they take more effort to produce due to the delicate information it requires to create such a small gold bar. A […]

Why Different Premiums?

Whether or not it is a coin or bar does not make a distinction in how much a dealership will pay you. Whether or not it is a coin or bar does not make a difference in how much a dealership will pay you. There is one between the 2 that could impact how much you revenue later on. That being said, coins could have more worth if you find somebody who will pay you more for it. Coins are more collectible than bars and for that reason they might be better to a coin collector if he/she is trying to find the coin you own. Discovering a collector who desires to buy your coin may require more time and […]

Gold Bars VS. Gold Coins

When making any purchase, price is most always the number one consideration. We all know more affordable does not constantly equivalent better (low-cost coffee, bleh!), but less expensive is most certainly much better for our wallets. Everyone desires the best price for their money and thats why wise consumers understand how to search. The same must use when buying silver or gold, except there are a few more equally as essential factors to consider when buying precious metal. In each case youve wasted time before getting what you originally desired. Premium: Is the premium youre paying worth what youre getting? Often the smaller sized amount of metal you purchase the more pricey the premium can be relative to its size. […]

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