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Austrian Corona
by means of Franz Joseph, at the time, was the 3rd longest-reigning monarch in European history. His personal life was troubled by numerous tragedies, with his child devoting suicide, and his wife being assassinated. Not just was Franz Joseph the bro of Mexican Emperor Maximilian, he was uncle to Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo in 1914 would speed up the beginning of World War I. The start of the war brought an end to the minting of the gold coins, as the Austro-Hungarians needed to use their gold reserves to fund the war. Franz Joseph himself would outlast the 100 Krone Gold coins by two years, passing away in 1916. via Have […]

Featured Coin: The Austrian Corona

– Fort Knox held 649.6 million ounces of gold in 1941 when the United States currency was backed by gold.- All the gold humanity possesses can be compressed into an 18-yard cube– which is roughly 1/10 the size of the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. – All the gold humanity has can be compressed into an 18-yard cube– which is roughly 1/10 the size of the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. – Gold is likewise utilized in astronaut helmets, being exceptionally essential for permitting astronauts to remain cool thanks to its ability to dissipate heat. While gold is mostly purchased for financial investment purposes these days, gold is also an extremely enjoyable rare-earth element. Its not just something that can […]

Fun Facts About Gold

The image of John F. Kennedy on the coin actually comes from a bust originally designed for a Presidential medal. Because of this, the Kennedy half-dollar has an image on it originally approved by the President himself in 1961. Designers Gilroy Roberts and Frank Gasparro provided the a little remodelled design to Kennedys spouse, Jacqueline, and brother, Robert Kennedy, for approval. They were rapidly approved, with only a little ask for minor changes to the previous Presidents hair. Kennedy half dollars vary in worth between face value, and several thousands of dollars. The most important aspects that determine your coins worth are the year (due to rare-earth element material), the condition of the coin (with uncirculated coins naturally worth more), […]

Featured Coin: JFK Half Dollar

Gold scammers
Understanding the signs of a trusted gold dealer secures not only yourself, however your money, time, and your investment. Gold scams prevail, as are organisations that try to pass themselves off as reliable. Price quotes claim that over 10,000 people each year succumb to gold scams. This can vary from sellers attempting to sell their products for much higher than market price, to even offering gold that is entirely fake, and even gold that does not exist. While gold is an attractive option for people who have an interest in a safe investment, its likewise an enticing choice for individuals trying to scam financiers. To secure yourself from being scammed, it is essential to know how to determine those who […]

Avoiding Sketchy Dealers

The most typically understood use for gold has been to make, and adorn, jewelry. If you yourself do not own gold jewelry, there is a high possibility that you understand somebody that does. The intrinsic qualities of gold are what made it best for manufacturing fashion jewelry for hundreds of years. Gold alloys are worth less than pure gold. High karat gold is softer, and more prone to harm and tarnish, while low-karat gold is stronger, and more likely to last. Gold is the most beneficial mineral weve ever mined from the Earth. It conducts electricity, resists taint, is quickly drawn into wires or inculcated sheets, can be melted, fused with other minerals, and can be manipulated into complicated shapes. […]

The Many Uses Of Gold, Part 1

Gold and silver coins, the popular “vintage” currency, are quick winding up being the “new world” currency given that they offer the missing link in all paper currencies: a store of worth.Today, Americans are facing a stack of debts. At the helm is a brand-new Fed chief, Ben Bernanke, who has really already been nicknamed “Helicopter Ben” based on admitting he d print enough paper currency and drop it from helicopters to keep the U.S. economy from moving into a recession.The Wall Street Journal simply recently launched an exceptional commentary, “In Gold We Trust,” by David Ranson and Penny Russell of H.C. Wainwright & Co. They talk about why gold costs are the truest barometer of falling public self-confidence and […]

Gold: A True Barometer Of Public Self-confidence

Swiss franc
Their stated value were 10, 20, and 100 Swiss francs, minted (millesimal fineness of 900) with an unique style on both the obverse, and the reverse, of the coin. Often called “Swiss Miss” because of the obverse (which features a female effigy), the coin is identifiable all over the world. The reverse side of the coin includes the Swiss Cross, together with an oak wreath (and the denomination). Called “Vreneli” informally, the coins were taking a look at today were legal tender produced in Switzerland. They were first released in 1897, making them among the earliest, and the majority of collectable, coins on the planet of gold. The initial production run ended in 1936, however more coins were struck in […]

Featured Coin: Swiss Gold Vreneli