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Austrian 100 Coronas In New York

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Best of all, it is usually readily available at favorable rates in terms of premium when compared to modern bullion coins.

Prior to Krugerrands were even considered, Austria utilized to produce a large gold coin: the One Hundred Coronas. These were released in between 1908 and 1914, bearing the date of their issue. In typical Austrian tradition, after the death of Franz Josef I in 1916, main restrikes were provided as celebratory pieces, all bearing the date 1915. It is really uncommon to discover initial coins from earlier dates. The corona as a denomination began with the monetary reform of 1892, until Austria ended up being a republic in 1918.

The obverse of the coin bares the profile of Franz Josef I, the Austrian Emperor who reigned from 1848-1916. The reverse screens the Austrian Coat of Arms, a double eagle with a crown. The edges of the coin are lettered with Vnitis Viribvs. Austrian 100 Coronas are among the most affordable premium gold bullion coins readily available. Investors wanting a diversified collection of gold coins can buy these coins with self-confidence. Austrian 100 Coronas are popular to all gold bullion coin dealerships, with Bullion Trading LLC having a proficient knowledge on the product. Although the coin is no longer in production, it is still readily available in the market and at dealers such as Bullion Trading LLC. Best of all, it is generally available at favorable prices in terms of premium when compared to contemporary bullion coins.

The corona as a denomination started with the monetary reform of 1892, until Austria became a republic in 1918.

Austrian 100 Coronas were among the very first gold bullion coins available when Americans regained the right to own gold bullion on 31 December 1974. 100 Coronas, as the coins are called, are minted of.900 fine (21.6 karat) gold, as well as approximately 0.9802 troy ounces of gold.

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