Austrian Philharmonic 1 Oz Gold Coin

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The most popular coin series from the European continent is the Austrian Philharmonic. Presented in 1989, today the Austrian Philharmonic coin program includes a gold, silver, and platinum variation from the Austrian Mint. It is, nevertheless, the Austrian Gold Philharmonic coin that anchors the series and was the original offering in the program. Right now, the 1 oz.

Coin Highlights:

  • Gets here in a protective plastic flip or tube for quantities of 10.
  • Official gold bullion coin of Austria.
  • Available since 1989.
  • Includes 1 Troy oz. of.9999 pure gold.
  • Bears a stated value of 2,000 Austrian Schillings (ATS) or 100 (Euros).
  • Obverse features the image of the Musikverein Pipe Organ from the Golden Music Hall.
  • Reverse consists of the style of a cornucopia of instruments from the members of the orchestra.
  • Available in mintage years from 1989 to 2016.

Buy Gold Philharmonic Coins

Purchase Vienna Philharmonic Gold Coins if you desire modern gold bullion coins with both exceptional beauty and a robust worldwide need. Produced by the Austrian Mint, the main minting authority of the Austrian Republic, the Gold Philharmonic Coin is named and designed after the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, among the world’s finest musical ensembles.

Originally denominated in schillings, the Vienna Philharmonic is now the only gold bullion coin with a stated value denominated in legal tender euros (with are the 2nd most extensively reserved fiat currency denomination on the planet).

Austrian Gold Philharmonic coins came from 1989 as a 1 oz. gold bullion coin and 1/4 oz. gold bullion coin. The Gold Philharmonic coin is the only one in the higher series to have included two different denominations for its stated value. When the coins were originally introduced in 1989, Austria still used its sovereign Austrian Schilling as its main currency.

The launch of the Eurozone’s common economy and currency, the Euro, changed the stated value of the coins beginning in 2002. The stated value of 2,000 (ATS) moved to the common currency, with all coins struck given that 2002 bearing a 100 (Euro) stated value. Although the coins have a Euro stated value, they are only thought about legal tender in Austria.

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On the obverse side of all 1 oz. Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coins you’ll discover the image of the Musikverein Pipe Organ found within the Golden Music Hall. Found in the Innere Stadt area of Vienna, the national capital of Austria, the hall is the home efficiency center of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

This coin is a design masterpiece. On the obverse side of the coin you will see the Philharmonic building of Austria in extraordinary information. This side will also show the pureness of the gold as well as the coin denomination and year of production. The reverse side of the coin features several of the instruments that are discovered throughout their performances, such as the violin and French horn. All things considered, this coin is a fantastic addition to a collection while staying a sensible investment.

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About the Austrian Mint

The Austrian Mint, wholly owned by the Austrian Central Bank, is the sole maker of Austrian-issue Euro flow coins and likewise this most popular euro denominated gold coins (Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coins).

It’s 800-year history, its centuries-long custom of workmanship and its modern technological abilities make the Austrian Mint one of the most extremely related to makers of gold bullion coin items.

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