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Music fans rejoice, for its time for another installment of our Featured Coin series, and music plays a huge function in todays coin. Here on the blog, we teach you all about the worlds most traditionally substantial and famous coins.

Simply in 2015, the Austrian Mint presented a one ounce platinum variation, with the exact same worth as the gold coin. The winner is that this coin will burgeon in popularity too.

The most popular variation is the one troy ounce gold variation, which has been around considering that 1989. The face value of those coins is 2,000 Austrian schillings, though their actual worth is a bit higher thinking about the Philharmonics robust circulation and sales figures. It remains one of the worlds best sellers.

In 2002, when the Euro began making the rounds, the coins value was set at EUR100. A few short years later, to meet demand, a silver variation was presented with a worth of EUR1.50. More sealing the styles likeability, the silver variation rapidly ended up being a best-seller, too.

Made by the Austrian Mint, the Philharmonic is named after the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, a world-famous orchestra originating in Vienna. The style of the coin likewise takes inspiration from this orchestra.

On the reverse of the coin, youll find different instruments from the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra, consisting of a horn, harp, four violins centered around a cello, and a bassoon. The primary engraver of the Austrian Mint, Thomas Pesendorfer, is accountable for the style on both sides of the coin.

Todays coin is the Vienna Philharmonic, likewise called the Austrian Philharmonic Of note, its not simply a gold coin. The name technically covers coins under the same brand name made from silver and platinum.
Austrian Philharmonic.

The spot price of gold, the rarity of the coin, and the metal content greatly affect the value of each Philharmonic. Owing to its 100% purity, the coin is worth its weight (usually) on at least a 1:1 scale. Need is high, however changes enough to effect production numbers.
Austrian Philharmonic Coin

The style is unchanged, which is something collectors have actually applauded. Just the year of concern changes on each coin, with the rest of the design being comparable each year. On the obverse of the coin, there is an expertly-etched pipeline organ, which beings in the Vienna Musikverein Golden Hall.

If youre entering into gold, odds are, youre taking the coin path– theyre valuable, fascinating, and positively enjoyable to collect, so theyre a terrific way to get into the gold world.

Unlike other gold bullion coins, the Philharmonic is just legal tender in Austria. It is also the only bullion coin with a face value embeded in Euros, making it an ideal product for any collector. Theyre available in attractive and quality sets called “beast boxes.”

Huge Phil!

A 20-oz version likewise exists, which was minted for the Philharmonics 20th anniversary. This specific coin has a value of EUR2,000, suggesting it weighes about 20 troy ounces. There are a few of these in existence– an overall of 6,027 was split into thirds and distributed to the European, American, and Japanese markets. These coins were offered in stunning, velvet-lined wooden cases.

There is a very, really special Philharmonic coin out there on the planet, called “Big Phil.”

Minted in 2004, the Austrian Mint developed a 1,000 ounce coin with a value of EUR100,000. You most likely cant get your hands on Big Phil, considering theres only fifteen (for the coins anniversary), each consisting of over 31.103 kg of pure gold.

Undoubtedly, its one of the worlds most important coins, though it is eclipsed by the Canadian Gold Maple Leafs 100kg variation, with a face value of over $1,000,000.

If you get your hands on one of those, count yourself among the very lucky!

Smaller Denominations

Smaller sized variations of the coin exist, with smaller stated value. The coins are just as collectable as their bigger counterparts, however. They are the 1/4 ounce coin, which you can discover more about here. We also have a 1/10 ounce coin, shown here.


Of note, its not simply a gold coin. The face value of those coins is 2,000 Austrian schillings, though their real value is a bit greater considering the Philharmonics robust circulation and sales figures. The spot rate of gold, the rarity of the coin, and the metal material greatly affect the value of each Philharmonic. Unlike other gold bullion coins, the Philharmonic is only legal tender in Austria. Smaller versions of the coin exist, with smaller face worths.

Here at Bullion Trading, LLC., we set out over 25 years ago to sell gold New Yorkers love and offer silver New Yorkers like– weve considering that ballooned to turning into one of the worlds foremost authorities on all things gold. Connect today to begin!

The overall production numbers for the silver, platinum, and gold variations amount to well into the millions, and is one of the worlds most popular coins. If youre aiming to get your collection started, specifically if youre a music fan, the Austrian Philharmonic is the go-to coin for you.

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