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Gold Price Forecast – Gold markets finding demand on Thursday

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Gold markets fell a bit at first early in the day on Thursday but found purchasers simply above the $1240 level to press towards the $1250 level. I think that the market will continue to respect that level, but the something that I would point out is that we made a “higher low.”
The $1250 level is an area of extreme interest, so its likely that the market will continue to see a lot of volatility in this location, and I believe that we might see sellers coming back in rather soon. Ultimately, I think that the market will ultimately go looking towards the $1265 level, however we need the US dollar to drop in order to see that.

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The $1200 level for me is the “basement” of the marketplace, and I believe that a great deal of big need is pent up in that area. I do think that its possible we decrease to that level, specifically if we continue to see overall strength in the US dollar. Otherwise, the $1300 level might be a longer-term target. I believe that the markets might continue to go even higher over the longer-term, however at this moment Im thinking in terms of months, not days. I like the concept of purchasing gold eventually, but I dont know that the assistance in this area is ready to hold for longer-term relocation. I prepare for a lot of volatility in this area, and I think that short-term traders will continue to bounce around this general region, but longer-term traders will be trying to find lower levels to choose up money.

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