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Weve currently gone over Austrias popular gold coin, the Philharmonic, however the 1915 Corona 100, though no longer minted, is a crucial piece of history. The Austrian Mint first revealed these coins in 1892 as legal tender. His brother, Franz Ferdinand, is specifically notable in the history books, as his assassination is frequently pointed out as the catalyst for World War I. One troy ounce Coronas have a 35mm size and 90% purity. This indicates they are only 21.6 Karat gold. They were minted in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 100 Corona. So why is 1915 such an important year? It was then that the coin was terminated. This would seem exceptionally suitable, being one year into […]

1915 Austrian Coronas

While silver coins and bars are the cash for the typical people; Gold Bars are the money of Global Banks, Nations, and Kings. Considering that the start of taped history gold has actually been mined from the ground, improved, and took into bars. The Gold Kilo Bar is the contemporary form of the kings wealth of old times. In the past, metric method weight bars have actually not been popular; nevertheless, the scarcity of bullion coins that established in the summer of 2008, caused buyers to be more responsive to other kinds of gold financial investments, resulting in metric weight bars acquiring approval. Kilo gold bars are outstanding cars for big investments. Several different companies manufacture or hallmark, gold bars. […]

Gold Kilo Bars