Thank you for choosing Bullion Trading, LLC. We make every effort to be the most transparent, thorough, and accommodating precious metal and jewelry dealers in the United States. The following page outlines our terms and conditions of service. You must read, understand, and ultimately consent to these terms prior to conducting business with Bullion Trading, LLC., or any of its subsidiaries.


Pricing Inaccuracies


Despite the best efforts of Bullion Trading, LLC and its staff, there will inevitably be occasional pricing inaccuracies related to clerical, typographical, or market-related errors. The vetting process for the information we use on our website is very involved, though outdated (or otherwise incorrect) information is accidentally displayed from time to time.


We make every effort to only provide the most accurate and updated information possible. As part of this guarantee, we reserve the right, and have an obligation, to correct (change) any errors if and when they do occur. We cannot, and will not, due to the nature of the precious metals industry, honor any incorrect or inaccurate pricing reflected on our website.


Should you place an order with us that turns out to reflect an inaccuracy in our pricing schema, we will contact you at our earliest convenience in an attempt to remedy the situation.


Lowest Price Guarantee


Bullion Trading, LLC has long made competitive pricing a cornerstone of our online shopping experience. We offer hundreds of items, and we dedicate time and resources toward keeping those items listed at the most affordable prices anywhere on the internet.


Within reason, we will match the pricing offered by any online retailers, provided we are able to capture certain information in order to verify the legitimacy of the listing, and provided the merchandise in question meets the following criteria:


  • The product you’d like us to price match must be the same make, model, and color. Translated into a broad example, we cannot price match a Cadillac with a Mercedes-Benz.
  • The retailer offering the item in question must currently have that item in stock, and it must be a real offering. Their prices cannot be the result of a special promotion, or limited-time offer of any kind.
  • The merchant must have an established and legitimate website with no history of fraud or questionable business practices.


Because the industry dictates an ever-changing spot price for gold and other metals used in the creation of jewelry, time and date plays a role in the pricing of any item. Therefore, the following conditions must also apply:


  • The merchandise in question must be new, and not refurbished or previously owned.
  • The merchandise must have the same metal content, size, gram weight, and karat/carats (depending on the material). It sounds like a lot, though if the item in question is truly the same as the one you’d like us to price match for you, these dimensions should fall in line automatically.
  • The item must not be listed on any auction or liquidation sites (the act of auctioning an item inherently changes its value)
  • The merchant must have the same return and warranty policies that we do. If they stand behind the item’s authenticity, they should allow returns and should offer a comprehensive warranty. If they don’t, it’s difficult to assume they are truly offering what is listed, and the item becomes very difficult to price match.


If your items qualify for a price match, we are more than happy to beat any competitor’s pricing. We similarly offer the difference in pricing in store credit to interested buyers.


Ordering Process


We strive to make the order process as efficient as possible. When you submit an order through our website, we begin the credit card authorization process. This involves placing a hold for the full amount of the purchase. Our authorization department checks the credit card’s validity, and ensures there are sufficient funds in the account to complete the transaction.


Even though the hold is placed and funds are deducted from your credit limit, no money officially changes hands until we manually capture the funds. We do this once the verification process comes to a successful conclusion. Depending on the time needed to prepare and secure your order for shipping, fulfillment may take as many as 1-2 weeks (in extreme cases) from the time of your order.


More information about card verification, authorization, and order fulfillment times are below.


Card Authorization


The credit card authorization phase can last up to 7 business days. During this time, we retrieve authorization to capture the funds from your account required to complete the transaction. If authorization fails or we are unable to capture the information within 7 business days, the authorization becomes null and void and the transaction will not proceed. The funds, if taken from your account, would be refunded.


Depending on the bank who issued your card, this process may take 3-5 business days. In some cases, it may take longer.


Card Verification/Reverification


Once you place an order with Bullion Trading, LLC, the payment and transaction details are sent to our verification department. There, we place the transaction under scrutiny to ensure both parties are protected from fraud. Some purchases constitute a “high risk” or incur an extra verification process wherein we will add additional layers of security before continuing with the transaction. Our inventory and yours are both valuable — it’s imperative they’re protected to fullest extent.


If a transaction requires additional verification, we will contact you via email to request additional documentation: a license, passport, or information proving ownership of the credit card used for purchase.


Some transactions require the highest level of fraud protection. In these cases, we may ask you to take a photograph of yourself with these items. We do this to ensure the cardholder, and the future recipient of wares are the same person with the same billing and shipping details.


We do not sell the information gathered during these processes to third parties. We do, however, place the verification details in your customer file to help streamline your future purchases.


Verification Failure


There are a number of reasons a transaction or purchase may be declined. Sometimes, the reasons are perfectly innocuous, and don’t reflect an error on either party’s end.


There are a high volume of fraudulent transactions in the jewelry industry. For this reason, we, and the credit card companies, have numerous protections in place that may prevent a transaction from going through.


Your credit card company may have a no-go policy on large jewelry orders — they simply won’t allow them without your verbal or written consent. They may deploy a verification process similar to our own, wherein you may have to prove ownership of the account or prove to your bank/creditor that you are, in fact, the one making the purchase. Your creditor does this to ensure nobody but you is using your funds.


You may have opted for this service without knowing it. Many credit card companies and banks allow their users to enable or disable these protections to varying extents. Verification is still required on purchase, though orders won’t be automatically denied.


You should call your credit card company or meet with a representative from your bank if you run into any trouble with the verification process.


These roadblocks, while seemingly inconvenient, are a necessity due to the high volume of fraudulent activity the jewelry industry faces each day. They exist for your protection.


Order Fulfillment and Shipping Times


We fulfill orders at the fastest rate possible. That said, we are not in complete control of shipping times. As with anything shipped through the mail, or with independent couriers, fulfillment times are subject to delays and other timing discrepancies.


If, for example, the shipper has a slow day at their sorting facility, it could impact the delivery times of any items in transit. In the most severe cases, items can take up to 2-3 weeks to receive.


If you require expedited shipping, there is a section in the checkout area where you can include that information, along with any other information pertaining to your purchase. Different shippers may offer different delivery deadlines — please be sure to select the one that best suits your needs.


If you wish to confer with one of Bullion Trading, LLC’s shipping experts to discuss your order’s shipping, please reach out to us at


We will do our best to accommodate your needs. Most of our orders are fulfilled in-house to increase transparency, customer satisfaction, and efficiency of the shipping process.


Returns, Refunds, & Buybacks


We handle returns, refunds, and buybacks differently than most companies. We hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


We offer a conventional refund program which requires buyers to make their return within 14 days of their purchase in order to receive a full refund, minus the shipping costs. We continue to work with buyers in these instances to remedy any potential mistakes, and to make sure they have the best possible experience with Bullion Trading, LLC.


Where our return policy differs from most is in our buyback policy. Despite the 14 day window required to officially process returns on items purchased on our website, we are always looking to purchase gold or silver, especially if it originated with us or was purchased from one of our locations.


We offer the full price on any gold or silver items, as priced at the time of that item’s return. If you buy from us, we will always be interested in buying back that merchandise at full face value, whether it’s within 14 business days of your initial purchase or not.


This is somewhat unique to Bullion Trading, LLC’s platform. We stand behind the quality of our products wholeheartedly, and will buy them back at full value to back up that guarantee.


Exceptions to Return Policy


Returning merchandise is not always possible. Certain post-purchase activity disqualifies jewelry from the returns and refunds program.


Any unused or pristine merchandise may be returned for a full refund. If a piece of jewelry has been engraved or was subject to any customizations by any merchants other than Bullion Trading, LLC., it cannot be exchanged, returned, or credited. For all intents and purposes, merchandise must be in its original condition.


The more of the following items that you have in your possession, the better: tags, authenticity certificates, receipts, casing and packaging, and any additional proof that the merchandise was not used in any meaningful way. These items must be unmodified and in similar condition to the jewelry.


Our quality control specialists review every potential return and either qualify or disqualify an item based on the above criteria. Any damage, modifications, wear and tear, customizations, or other differences in the material that distinguish it from the initial product will usually incur a disqualification. This is why it’s important to keep very thorough records where your jewelry, or any items with a high dollar value, are concerned.


Warranty & Repairs


We offer a comprehensive and thorough warranty on all our merchandise free for one year, starting on the date of purchase. This includes repairs, modifications, and any other customization needed at the lowest price possible.


We will deploy our considerable expertise to keep your jewelry in pristine condition so long as it’s under warranty.


Additional coverage is available in increments of one year. Each year is priced at 10% of the jewelery’s initial cost.


This warranty represents our never-ending dedication to keeping our customers outfitted in the world’s finest jewelry, and it represents our willingness to stand by our products long after they’ve left our custody.


Website & Intellectual Property


This website contains logos, pictures, information, graphics, data, articles, photographs, fonts, sounds, and other material (henceforth referred to as “content”) that is the intellectual property of Bullion Trading, LLC., and is (where applicable) protected by United States and/or international copyright, trademark, and intellectual property laws.


The content on this site is the sole property of Bullion Trading, LLC. You may not use, modify, remove, alter, distribute, transmit, sell, or participate in the sale of this content in any way, shape, or form without the express written consent of Bullion Trading, LLC. Derivative and copycat works are also forbidden.


You do, however, have our permission to view, print, and use as a resource to inform your purchases, any and all of the content made available on Bullion Trading, LLC’s website, and the websites of its affiliates and subsidiaries.


Buyer Privacy & Cookies


In conducting business with Bullion Trading, LLC., you may be asked to give personal information. This information is used to personally identify you and verify the legitimacy of any documentation, data, and funding used to make a purchase from this website.


This website, like most sites on the internet, use cookies, also known as web cookies, browser cookies, or HTML cookies. These are small pieces of data that make communication between your browser and websites on the internet faster and more effective. We use cookies to maintain session states — to “bookmark” your progress throughout the transaction process, and to more quickly load images and information deemed relevant to your interests. Cookies are an integral part of the Bullion Trading, LLC. experience, and are used to make a user’s experience more complete. Viewing this website without cookies may result in an incomplete experience for the buyer.


We will not sell, trade, or rent your personal information, whether it was collected via verification, direct communication, or web cookies, to any third parties. We store/disclose this information internally and potentially among our own subsidiaries in order to understand your buying preferences and tailor your shopping experience accordingly. We also disclose this information where we are legally obligated to meet regulatory requirements, or to comply with law enforcement.




These terms are a condition of business with Bullion Trading, LLC. By accessing our website and making a purchase with either Bullion Trading, LLC or our affiliates or subsidiaries, you acknowledge that you have both read and understood the terms outlined on this page, and agree to be bound to these terms.


We ultimately reserve the right to modify, change, or otherwise alter these terms at our discretion, and they are subject to change. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure they have read, agree to, and have no outstanding issues with the updated terms and conditions listed on this website.


If for any reason you do not agree with the terms and do not wish to be bound to them, please know that we cannot, and do not, offer service outside the terms of the agreement laid forth on this page. Purchase is an automatic endorsement of these terms. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.