Sale 1 oz Australian philharmonic silver coins as low as 5.44 above spot.


First of all the owners of Bullion Trading LLC. Have been in the gold business for more then 35 years. We have already been selling to wholesalers & dealers for many years. We have been selling to then at lower rates then these and are profitable at that. WE still have the wholesale business so this is not the only venue for us. We are also not keeping in stock those items that do not move much.
Yes, we encourage buyers to come into the store versus buying online. However, for customers who are not located in New York, we welcome your business online and hope to be your dealer of choice in the gold futures market.
While we’d want you to come into the store, if you’re not in New York you can use our website to review our gold and silver inventory, to learn about the precious metals industry, and to sell your gold & silver coins, bars, bullion and other pieces that you’re looking to move.
Our inventory is always in stock; therefore, if you’re at our physical location you are able to take immediate possession of your investment. Should you not be in the store, please refer to our Terms and Conditions to review our delivery policy.
Please see our Terms and Conditions and contact us should you need an international shipment.
No, we also deal in platinum and palladium.
We can accept payment by check or electronic funds transfer (bankwire). ***We must recieve the bank wire from the same person as is who is ordering & who we will be shipping to***
Yes, you can receive your gold order much more quickly by sending us full payment via an electronic funds transfer (wire). Because this method is instaneous, your gold will usually be shipped within three (3) business days. Additionally, we will refund any fee your financial institution charges you for using this payment method if your order is more than $20,000.
No, and you should beware of any business purporting itself to be a bullion dealer who does take credit cards. True dealers do not accept credit cards because credit card transactions cost the merchant a percentage of the price, which is almost always higher than the profit margin on the sale. Thus dealers who allow credit card purchases are marking up their prices significantly to make up for these fees and should not be considered true bullion dealers.
BTLLC, will never misuse your information. All transactions are secure and discreet. We respect your right to privacy.
No. Reports are not required for any wire or check transactions.
We do not believe in confiscatable gold.
Absolutely not. Our brokerage fee and shipping & handling fees are already integrated into your quoted price. The price you are quoted is the price you will pay. ***There is a shipping & handeling fee for each invoice you will see the final amount before you confirm the purchase***
Any capital gains/losses should be reported on your tax return.
Yes. Our policy is that we do not offer to sell any gold that we cannot ship immediately. Rest assured, our physical inventory is substantial, and we carrythe bullion in various forms.
Because your order is a commitment to buy at a certain price, we commit to sell at the price. As such, your price is locked in as soon as you place your order, regardless of subsequent market fluctuations. Once you place your order, we take a market position based on your order and commit to delivery.
Yes. We are in the market for gold bullion in all forms at all times. We have decades of experience in the industry, and are able to offer you the most competitive of prices for your gold bullion. In fact, our buy prices are generally 1% below THE CURRENT GOLD prices. You can find our buy prices on this Web site for the most frequently traded forms of gold coins and bullion. Note: The coins we receive must be contained in original mint packaging and/or meet our high standards.
No, because – like stocks – there is always a spread (difference) between the bid (sale) and ask (purchase) price for gold. However, Bullion Trading’s purpose is to provide the narrowest spread possible for the gold-buying public.
Yes, we can accept payment on confirmed orders up to $50,000 with your personal check. Your order will ship fifteen (15) days after we receive your check. When your check arrives, we will send you an email (or contact you by phone, if you prefer) confirming our receipt of your check, and the shipping date for your order.
Your funds must be wired or your check mailed within 24 hours of placing your order.
Every day, we buy and sell hundreds of ozt of gold and silver. Your order is part of a stream of sales where new gold is brought in and shipped out each day. Your order is taken and filled at rates based on the current spot price at the time you phone us with your order. Your order is then shipped three business days after your bankwire is received, or 15 business days after receipt of your check. Each package we send out is double-counted and weighed before going to the Post Office. The package you receive will be totally inconsipicuous with not so much as a company marking on the plain brown box.
While it’s against BTLLC’s policy to issue refunds, we will buy back your purchase at spot rate.
There is a lot of information out there regarding gold & silver trading. The best way to know if you’re making a good investment is to educate yourself. Subscribe to our blog and like us on Facebook so you can keep informed of industry trends and standards and to learn more about the current market and future market price of gold & silver.
We only ship orders via Registered, Insured U.S. Mail, which takes 3 – 7 business days. For the safety of your gold, we will only ship to your street address – not to a PO Box or 3rd party address.
Bullion Trading LLC is not responsible for issues of delivery. Once we’ve shipped the merchandise, assignment of title and risk of loss is immediately transferred to you. Our packaging will never come with identifiable information regarding the contents on the label.
If payment is not received in a timely fashion (postmarked in 24 hours, received in 5 days), your order will be offset with an identical buy. This means we will repurchase your items from you at our then current buy price. You will be required to pay any remaining balance as a result of market losses. However, you will not be entitled to any proceeds from market gains.
Generally speaking, all sales are final. However, if you find that there is something wrong with your order when you receive it, please call us within three days, and we will do our best to address your concerns.
It’s always best to send your payment immediately to ensure BTLLC can honor the confirmed price. If the payment is not received within five business days for orders under $25,000 (USD) and three business days for orders more than $25,000 (USD) Bullion Trading LLC reserves the right to accept your payment, refuse or cancel your order, or provide a fresh quote based on the market price at the time we received payment.
Absolutely. That is the nature of gold bullion trading. When the “price” of gold goes up, the demand does, too. So, it all scales. At its heart, the gold market is a very simple one. Though it seems that the price of gold changes, it is actually the value of the dollar that changes: specifically, how many of them it takes to purchase an ounce of gold. Gold is the constant element, and paper currency is measured against it.
You should make arrangements for where you will keep your gold before you order it. Though, we may use our discretion and occasionally be able to hold your gold while the arrangements are finalized, it is our policy that we do not store our customers’ gold. ***We will be at a later date offering metal pool accounts at that time we will be offering to hold the gold in the pool account form***
The owners of Bullion Trading LLc have been in this business for more than thirty years, and we’ve always been based in a gold trading capital: the Midtown Manhattan section of the City of New York. Over these years we’ve made many contacts in the industry. Many of these are coin dealers who are not able to otherwise sell all of their purchases. Knowing us as leaders in the industry, they come to us to sell.
Please review our cancelation policy.