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Is it buying online similar to buying in person?

Yeah, it is indeed similar but the biggest advantage that you get in
buying in person is you will get to see what you are buying.

Are gold and silver prices manipulated?

Yeah, the gold and silver prices are susceptible to manipulation by large institutional traders, central banks, and the government.

Why are gold and silver prices quoted in troy ounces?

The gold and silver prices are quoted in troy ounces as the troy ounce is more than 10% heavier than a common Avoirdupois ounce

Can I redeem my gold or silver certificate for gold or silver?

No, it’s not true. You should consult a local coin or currency dealer to determine their value as a collectible.

Is it better to buy brand new coins or older coins?

It’s better to buy the older coins than the brand new coins as the brand new coins are cheaper as they are easily available and don’t currently contain any value. Older coins are worth their gold value and rarity so they have a greater chance of increasing value in quick order.

Which precious metals are allowed in the IRA?

Gold, Silver, platinum, and palladium can all be held in self-directed IRAs. Coins such as the American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and bullion bars in gram and ounce denominations are allowed in retirement plans if they meet certain purity requirements:

Gold: 99.5%

Silver: 99.9%

Platinum 99.95%

Palladium 99.95%

Does tarnish, scratches, or dents affect the value of my bullion? Should I clean it?

No, you couldn’t clean the bullion if you are unsure of its value. Tarnish is a naturally occurring process due to the reaction of the bullion to oxygen and sulfur. Blemishes such as tarnish, scratches, and dents are often caused by the minting process or during handling and are often found in uncirculated gold, silver, and platinum coin and bars. Any reputable bullion dealer will know that the blemishes will not affect the value of the bullion, as the value of bullion is based on the weight and purity of the metal.

Is gold, silver, platinum, or palladium taxable?

State taxes may be applicable on gold silver, platinum, or palladium differing in the states. For detailed taxation advice in your jurisdiction, you should consult your tax advisor.

Why do Fractional coins and bars cost more per ounce?

The fractional coins and bars cost more per ounce as the smaller the size of a minted item, the greater the proportion of the total cost to the mining and handling cost.