Do you report my purchases to the government?

Is my financial and personal information secure?

How do I know your products are real?

What is a “presale”?

Do you have a retail store or catalog?

Where are you located?

Do you buy precious metals?

Do you have a return policy?

Can I modify my order?


What payment methods do you accept?

How do I place an order by bank wire?

How do I place an order by paper check?

Do you hold checks, cashier’s checks, and money orders?

Is there a minimum purchase order required?

Is there a maximum purchase order required?

Do you accept ACH payments?

Do you accept Bitcoin payments?

How will I know if my payment was received?

What is bitcoin?



Do you charge sales tax?

Why are similar products priced differently?

How are your prices determined?

How do I lock in pricing?

Do you offer discounts for certain payment methods?

When are my prices “locked in”?



When will I receive my order?

How do you ship orders?

Will I need to sign for my package?

What happens if my order is lost or damaged in transit?

Do you ship internationally?



What are the different types of bullion?

What are “certified” coins?

What is “junk silver”?

Is it better to buy gold, silver, or both?



What is “spot price”?

What does “any year” mean for coins?

What is a “troy ounce”?

What is an “assay”?

What is the “FV” or “Face Value”?

What is the “Mintage”?

What is a “Mint”?

What is the “Obverse”?

What is the “Reverse”?

What are “Premiums”?

What is a “Proof”?

What is “Purity”?

What is a “Refinery”?



Grading guide

Precious Metals IRA

Grading guideWhat is a precious metals IRA?

Why should I get a precious metals IRA?

How do I set up a precious metals IRA?

What products are IRA eligible?

What is the annual contribution limit?

What are the fees involved?

Can my investments be delivered to me?