Can I buy from your store?

Yes, we encourage buyers to come into the store versus buying online. However, for customers who are not located in New York, we welcome your business online and hope to be your dealer of choice in the gold futures market.

What if I can’t make it in to the store?

While we’d want you to come into the store, if you’re not in New York you can use our website to review our gold and silver inventory, to learn about the precious metals industry, and to sell your gold & silver coins, bars, bullion and other pieces that you’re looking to move.

What is your delivery policy?

Our inventory is always in stock; therefore, if you’re at our physical location you are able to take immediate possession of your investment. Should you not be in the store, please refer to our Terms and Conditions to review our delivery policy.

Do you ship overseas?

Please see our Terms and Conditions and contact us should you need an international shipment.

Do you buy gold and silver bars?

Yes, we do.

Do you buy gold and silver coins?

Yes, we do.

Do you buy gold and silver exclusively?

No, we also deal in platinum and palladium.

Do you accept trade-ins?

Yes, we do.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept personal checks, cashier’s checks and credit cards. Be aware that there will be a temporary hold placed on your credit card regardless of your payment method. The hold will clear after the receipt of your check should that be your chosen method of payment. To learn more view our payment options.

Are my transactions secured?

BTLLC, will never misuse your information. All transactions are secure and discreet. We respect your right to privacy.

What if my gold is confiscated?

We do not believe in confiscatable gold.

Additional Fees?

We do not add in additional fees. Once locked in, the price you’re quoted will be the price you pay with the exception of a flat rate shipping fee of $35.

Are there any sales taxes involved?

Sales tax in the State of New York is 8.875% on all orders less than $1000 and no taxes are required on orders of $1000 or more.

How long will my price be locked in?

Your price is locked in for 5 business days on orders under $25,000 (USD) and three business days for orders more than $25,000 (USD). That is the time you have to make your payment to BTLLC.

What if I make a purchase and want a refund?

While it’s against BTLLC’s policy to issue refunds, we will buy back your purchase at spot rate.

I don’t know much about gold but am interested in collecting, how do I know if I am making a good investment?

There is a lot of information out there regarding gold & silver trading. The best way to know if you’re making a good investment is to educate yourself. Subscribe to our blog and like us on Facebook so you can keep informed of industry trends and standards and to learn more about the current market and future market price of gold & silver.

Is there a minimum purchase order required?


Is there a maximum purchase order required?


What if there is a problem during shipping?

Bullion Trading LLC is not responsible for issues of delivery. Once we’ve shipped the merchandise, assignment of title and risk of loss is immediately transferred to you. Our packaging will never come with identifiable information regarding the contents on the label.

What happens if my payment is received in the applicable time period?

It’s always best to send your payment immediately to ensure BTLLC can honor the confirmed price. If the payment is not received within five business days for orders under $25,000 (USD) and three business days for orders more than $25,000 (USD) Bullion Trading LLC reserves the right to accept your payment, refuse or cancel your order, or provide a fresh quote based on the market price at the time we received payment.

How do I cancel my order?

Please review our cancelation policy.