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Gold Bars for Sale

Physical Gold bars(gold ingots) are often the most popular choice for investors because Gold Bullion Bars come in a variety of sizes and weights.

Gold can be purchased as gold bullion coins or rounds with no weight restrictions – but gold bullion is available in standard gold bar shapes (such as 100 oz, 400 oz) by a certain purity level that cannot be exceeded.

Gold bullion bars are available in sizes as small as one gram, or up to several kilograms. Gold bars(gold ingots) of a certain weight and purity level are also known by their serial number.

It is always best to buy gold bars or gold coins when there are various options in the bullion precious metal market. 

Bullion Trading LLC offers its customers gold bars for sale at the lowest premium prices.

Buy Gold Bars for Sale

Gold bullion bars are an excellent way to diversify your precious metals portfolio. Gold ingot(Gold bullion bar) offers a simple, affordable, and convenient way of investing in the world’s most popular precious metals.

It has been said that gold prices always go up over time, which makes it not only a valuable commodity but also an attractive investment for those seeking financial stability during turbulent times.

Some of the popular gold bullion bars in the bullion market are as follows:

  • PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna:

PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna Gold Bars are unique and beautiful. These bars feature the beautiful Roman Goddess, Lady Fortuna who is believed to be the goddess of Luck and fortune according to Roman mythology. These bars are available in a weight ranging from 1 gram (0.032 Troy oz) and as big as 1 kilogram (32.15 Troy oz) of 99.99% gold content. These bars come in their original packaging with certificate and assay cards that meet international standards for identity authentication, purity identification, and quality assurance.

  • PAMP Suisse Cast:

PAMP Suisse Cast Bars are made from full-cast gold ingots, which undergo an intense refining process to remove impurities such as lead or copper. These bars feature the PAMP logo on the obverse side and the reverse side is intentionally left blank. These bars are usually available in a weight ranging from 50 grams (1.608 Troy oz) and as big as 1 kilogram (32.15 Troy oz) of 99.99% fine gold content. These bars are shipped in original packaging and come with a certificate and assay card that meets international standards for quality assurance, purity identification, and identity authentication.

  • Credit Suisse Gold Bars:

Credit Suisse Gold Bars offer a superior way to diversify your precious metals portfolio. These bars are available in sizes from 1 gram to 1 oz and come with an assay card that certifies the weight, purity, and metal content of each bar. These bars feature the company’s logo, weight, purity, and assayers mark on the obverse whereas featuring the company’s logo in a repeating diagonal pattern on the reverse side.

  • Valcambi Gold Bars:

Valcambi Gold Bars are one of the most popular gold bars manufactured in Switzerland. Valcambi bars are usually available weighing from 1 gram to 1 kg and come with a certificate confirming their purity. These bars mostly feature the ‘Valcambi Suisse’ inscription on the obverse side while the reverse side of the bar contains the Valcambi logo, the size, and purity mark. Gold Bar prices depend on the current spot price of gold and the extra premium that the gold dealer puts as a markup. Gold bar prices change as frequently as the gold spot price.

Gold Bar(Gold Ingot) Sizes

Gold bullion bars come in a variety of sizes. The most common gold bar(gold ingot) sizes are those that weigh 1 troy oz, 10 troy oz, and 1 kilogram.

Gold bars/gold ingots with other weights such as 400 ounces are less popular because they are too heavy for easy storage or transportation; hence, minted gold bars are more popular with investors and collectors alike. 

Some of the popular gold bar weights available at Bullion Trading LLC are as follows:

1 Ounce Gold Bar:

The 1-ounce gold bars are the most popular gold bar sizes that are a great way for new gold buyers or novices looking to invest in the gold bullion.

Some of the most popular 1 oz gold bars are PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna, Credit Suisse, and Argor Heraeus Gold Bars.

5 oz gold bars:

They are common gold bars for long-time investors with sizes that are portable in hand or pocket. They are most popular because of their low prices, low premiums, and because they are a risk-free investment. 

10 oz gold bars:

10-ounce gold bars are an excellent investment option for both long-term and short-term buyers. It is the best investment option for those who don’t want to deal with fluctuations in the market. 

1 Gram Gold Bar:

1 gram(0.032 Troy oz) gold bars are as popular as one-ounce bars.

This makes them a favorite among investors and entry-level collectors. Fractional gold bullion bars have the highest premiums on precious metal bars.

5 Gram Gold Bar:

5 gram(0.16 Troy oz) gold bars offer the investors and collectors the ability to buy small ingots at lower prices, making it easier for beginner or casual investors to enter the gold market with less risk involved.

10 Gram Gold Bar:

10 grams(0.32 Troy oz ) gold bars are great for both investment and gift options for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries.

It is the perfect size option, combining the most popular 1-kilogram bars with the smaller 1-ounce and 1 gram gold bars.

100 Gram Gold Bar:

100 gram(3.22 Troy oz) gold bars are popular among investors and collectors as they are available at lower prices than the spot price.

Even though these gold bars are a little bit difficult to trade, they are still the favorite among collectors worldwide.

1 Kilogram Gold Bar:

1 kilogram(32.15 Troy oz) gold bars are the most popular gold bar size as they are available at a lower price than the spot price. These bars are preferred by professionals and experienced investors who are looking for large bars that can be used to melt a variety of metals.

Benefits of owning Gold Bar(Gold Ingot)

Gold Bars/ gold ingots are a gold investment that can be used as an asset to help manage your precious metals portfolio. 

If you are planning to purchase gold bars, there are definitely some great benefits you should be aware of. The benefits of investing in gold bars would be:

Strong Global Market Demand: As we know that the demand for gold around the world is constantly increasing every single day, which means purchasing gold bars is certainly one of your best investment choices.

As gold is considered a form of safe investment, it doesn’t matter what happens in the financial market around the world.

  • Inflation Protection:

These gold bullion coins are guaranteed regardless of what happens to inflation rates, which can fluctuate depending on economic conditions.

  • Diversified Portfolio:

A gold bar can be added to any precious metals portfolio because it is a tangible asset. You can actually own a gold bar, which gives you more security and confidence in your investment. The market price for the gold bar is independent of other assets such as shares or stocks. If shares of many companies lose value at once, gold bars can be used to offset the loss. This is why it should not fall simultaneously.

Buy Gold Bars from Bullion Trading LLC (Gold Bars for Sale)

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Buy gold bars in bulk to reduce the price per ounce of gold and can save your money every time you purchase a gold bar. 

If you have any questions regarding gold bullion bars and gold bullion coins, please contact us at (646-362-3536) and we will be happy to assist you. Bullion Trading LLC is able to sell gold bars and Gold Bullions during normal business hours (Mon-Thu, 8:30 AM to 4 PM EST, Fri 8:30 – 1 PM ET).

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All orders are processed by Bullion Trading LLC, which guarantees that all transactions are secure and safe with us.

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Are Gold Bars a good investment?

Gold Bars are a great investment because gold is not only scarce, but it holds value over time. Gold will continue to rise in price and can be used as collateral against some types of investments. Gold bars also have the advantage that they don’t expose you to inflation risk like paper currency does.

Are Gold Bars pure gold?

Most of the gold bars are made up of 99.99%(24-karat) fine gold. Some of the African gold bars are made up of 22 karat fine gold. 24 karat gold bars are referred to as pure gold but they are not technically 100% pure gold. 24 Karat gold bars has .001 grams of non-gold material for every kilogram of weight already present when melted down.

How are Gold Bars made?

Generally, gold bars are made in two distinctive ways i.e cast method and the mint method. The smaller bars are minted. A sheet of gold is stamped, cut, and shaped into the required shape and weight. These minted bars are exceptionally clean with a perfect finish. Larger gold bars are made using a cast method. Ingots are made by pouring molten into molds of a certain size. These have a more natural finish and are usually rougher.

Are Gold Bars legal in United States?

Yes, Gold bars are legal in the United States. Gold Bars can be traded in USA without any special license.

How much are Gold Bars worth?

Gold bars are worth their gold content. The gold in a gold bar is priced based on the live spot ounce price of gold and its fineness(e.g., 22k, 24k). The live spot price of gold can fluctuate daily depending on supply and demand trends as well as international market factors.

Do all Gold Bars have serial numbers?

Yeah, most of the gold bars have the serial number inscribed on their surface which in some cases helps in determining the authenticity of the gold bars. The serial numbers are not the important factor that determines the value of the gold bar. The gold bar’s purity and weight are the only factors that determine their value.