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5 & 10 Oz Gold Bars

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10 Oz Gold Bars

The 10-ounce gold bar is a popular form of investment with investors who want to own gold as well as those who trade in the bullion market. These 10-ounce gold bars(gold ingots) are often used as a more convenient way of storing and transporting smaller quantities of gold.

10-ounce gold bars are often purchased by investors seeking to preserve value in the long term. They are considered an excellent choice with the current global economic uncertainty because they offer stability and protection, as well as hedging against inflation.

You have many options when you take 10 oz Bars of Gold. We have a wide range of products from different companies all over the world. Nearly all 10 oz gold ingot comes with a .9999 purity indicator as well as a 10 oz weight indication. 

You will find markings on 10-ounce gold bars that tell you the quality, origin, weight, and purity. These gold ingots are stamped with these details because these marked-gold bars from world-respected mints such as PAMP Suisse must comply with several international standards. You might be wondering why. We believe you should get the best for your investment purchases.

Popular 10 oz Gold Bullion Bars Design

You can find multiple different kinds of 10 oz gold bars with different designs that attract investors for the investment produced by different renowned precious metal mints in the world. Some of the popular designs of 10 oz gold bars for sale produced by the different mints are as follows:

PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna: The Lady Fortuna 10 ounce gold bar from PAMP Suisse is an example of beautiful, intricately detailed work of art. The Lady Fortuna image is depicted on the obverse of these Fortuna Gold Bars. Lady Fortuna is believed to be the goddess of luck and fortune. This left-profile relief depicts her with a crown wreath over her head and a blindfold covering her eyes. Her figure is adorned with a cornucopia that runs down to the bottom, where her open hands gather a wealth of coins from the horn.

The basic engraving can be found on the reverse side of these gold bars. These engravings are horizontally placed down the bar’s face and include the logo of PAMP Suisse as well as the weight, purity, and individual serial numbers. This side of the bar also has an assayer’s mark.

Perth Mint: The Perth Mints logo image, which is a graceful Swan, can be found on the obverse end of each bar. The Perth Mint Australia logo is featured in the center of a circular circle. Engravings surround the swan. The bar’s weight, content, and purity details are engraved below.
The reverse side of these gold bars has a repeating design of jumping kangaroos. The logo and kangaroos have a mirrored finish that gives them a distinctive appearance.

Common 10 oz Gold Bullion Bars

The 10-ounce gold bars are produced by a number of the largest and most renowned precious metal refineries all over the world. PAMP Suisse, Valcambi Suisse, Perth Mint, etc are just a few of the companies that are producing several 10 oz gold bars.

  • PAMP Suisse: PAMP Suisse is one of the leading precious metal refineries in the world. PAMP Suisse was established in 1977 in Ticino, Switzerland. PAMP is officially known as Produits Artistiques Metaux Precieux and is a significant purifier of precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum bars.
    The PAMP is famous for the precious metal refining services provided using modern swiss technology. Some of the famous series of PAMP Suisse are Lady Fortuna, Lunar Calendar,  and Rosa series.
  • Credit Suisse: Credit Suisse is a respected institution, established more than 150 years ago. It has become an international symbol of the quality and craftsmanship of its products. Credit Suisse gold bars can be purchased in a range of sizes and weights. These factors determine the bars’ value at purchase. Credit Suisse sells gold bars (by weight), in quantities ranging from 1g to as much as 10 ounces.
  • Valcambi Suisse: Valcambi was established as Valori & Cambi SA in Balerna (Ticino) in May 1961. The name of the company was changed to Valcambi SA on June 1967 after combining the names Valori and Cambi.
    Valcambi Suisse is one of the oldest-running refineries. It has a strong track record of producing the highest quality gold bars anywhere in the world. It is always innovating to meet the latest manufacturing standards. The latest technology is constantly used to make better bullion. It has a higher quality and lower cost. The gold bars of Valcambi Suisse have highly sought after.

Benefits of 10 oz Gold Bars

There are multiple benefits of buying 10 oz gold bars. Some of the benefits of buying these gold bars are as follows:

A 10-ounce gold bar is an excellent investment for short-term or long-term buyers. With a 10-ounce gold bar, there is a low risk of the price going down, making it a good investment for those who don’t want to deal with fluctuations in the market.

Buying 10 ounce Gold Bars from Bullion Trading LLC

We have sold many 10 oz gold bars. When it comes to 10 oz gold bars, we maintain the highest level of professionalism and expertise.

You can reach us at (646-362-3536) during business hours Mon-Thu, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm, and Fri, 8:30 am – 1:00 pm EST if you have questions about 10-oz gold bars. You can either order 10 oz bars online or visit our physical location during business hours. You don’t need to worry about any transactions as they are secure and safe.


How much is a 10 oz bar of gold worth?

The price of gold depends on the spot price of gold for that day. Ask price per 10oz Gold Bar costs around $18,000.

How big is a 10 Oz bar of gold?

The 10oz bar of gold comes with the width of 3-⅜” , length of 5”, and Thickness of ½” in the package.

Are 10 Oz gold bars a good investment?

Yes, buying 10 oz gold bars not only diversifies your portfolio but also brings a valuable asset to your future. It is a viable investment for the future and has profit potentials.

How much does 10 oz of gold weigh?

The 10 oz gold bars weigh 311 grams or 0.311 kilograms or 0.685 pounds.