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British Royal Mint Gold Coins

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British Gold Coins

For those who want to safeguard their hard-earned money, British gold coins are the most sought-after investment precious metal. The British Royal Mint Gold coins are a great way to invest in gold and gain financial stability and rich personal history. Royal Mint, the oldest mint in the World, has produced some of the most unique gold bullion products like the British Sovereign Gold Coins and the British Half Sovereign Gold Coins since 886 A.D.

British gold coins are one of the most sought-after in a world that combines investment-worthy bullion with gold collectors’ goods. British gold coins are prized possession that investors and collectors ave been long been interested in. They feature beautiful craftsmanship and high purity standards.

Royal Mint

The Royal Mint has a long track record of producing excellent quality British gold coins. The British Royal Mint was established in 886 as the London Mint. It is the oldest operating facility in the world. Because of its vast size and coverage, the Royal Mint is one of the most commonly used coins worldwide. The Royal Mint produced coins that were once used throughout North America, Europe, Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

The Royal Mint is still one of the most important facilities in the world. The London Mint has been in existence for over 500 years. However, growing operations necessitated more space. In 1812, the minting plant was transferred to Royal Mint court across from the Tower of London. However, demand grew and the new site proved insufficient. Queen Elizabeth II inaugurated the new mint in 1968. It was moved to Llantrisant, a small town in Welsh that offers plenty of space for expansion.

British Gold Bullion Coins

The British gold coins have a long history and are well known for their classic designs and high levels of gold content. Some of the popular British Gold Coins are as follows:

1. Britannia Gold Bullion Coin

In 1987, the Royal Mint introduced Britannia Gold Bullion Coins to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s 25th anniversary on the throne. The rights to these coins were first given as a gift by her Majesty herself and they are still produced today in commemoration of her diamond jubilee. These gold bullions coins have been made available for purchase every year since their release date; 1977 marks just one exception when production was halted due to an economic crisis brought on by excessive spending.
Britannia Gold Bullion coin was first introduced in 1987 which had a purity of 0.9167, which is 91.7% or 22-carat gold. The Royal Mint increased the fineness of these gold coins to 0.9999(24-carat) gold in 2013.  The Britannia(24-carat gold) is a popular choice for collectors and investors due to its iconic design.
The Gold Britannia’s Obverse is dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II. she is the longest-reigning British monarch. Jody Clark(Royal Mint engraver) created this beautiful portrait of her Majesty.  This is the fifth effigy for the Queen that will be used on UK coins. Each portrait depicts the Queen in a different way throughout her reign.
Britannia, proudly standing with Poseidon’s sword, shield and olive branch on the reverse is depicted. This international icon is the female embodiment of the  British Isles. It represents strength and integrity. Her name is derived from the ancient Greek term meaning “region” in Greek. Britannia has been featured on the coinage since under the rule of Emperor Hadrian, Now she graces the nation’s modern bullion products.
Britannia Gold Coins can be issued in fractional sizes: one-half, one quarter, and one-tenth of a troy ounce. They also have face values PS50, PS25, and PS10, respectively.

2. British Sovereign Gold Coins

The British Gold Sovereign is the official gold coin of Great Britain. It was first produced in 1817 by Royal Mint, London. It is one of the most well-known bullion coins around the globe. The coins were also produced by South African mints, Australian mints, and Canadian ones in the past. Today, these coins are only produced by the Royal Mint. Each coin contains .2354 troy oz of 91.67%-gold and has a face value of 1 pound sterling. Each coin is insured by the British government for its weight, purity, content, and authenticity.

The unique history of this coin began more than 500 years ago in 1489, when the first British Gold Sovereign was made to celebrate the country’s stability following a long civil war. These famously minted gold coins were in circulation until they were discontinued during James I’s early reign. Collectors today can purchase modern coins because they were brought back into production after the Great Recoinage of1816. The dates shown on the coins could vary. These will be determined randomly by what stock is available.

Each coin has a profile image of the reigning British monarch on the obverse. Over the years, coins have featured profile engravings of Queen Victoria at three different points during her long reign, images of King Edward VII, and King George V. Every British Gold Sovereign minted since 1957 has featured the correct profile of Queen Elizabeth II. Three versions have been produced over the years that are similar to those depicting Queen Victoria. On each side of the coin, the title and name of each monarch is engraved.
The reverse side of the coin always features a depiction of St. George, a horse-mounted figure of St. George fighting ferocious Dragons. Benedetto, an Italian engraver/medalist, designed the famous image. The coin’s image has been changed many times over the years, but the original image is still visible today to keep the British Gold Sovereign as easily recognizable as possible.

Each British Gold Sovereign Coin contains.2354 troy Ounces of Gold. The coins are 22.05mm in diameter by 1.52mm thick.

3. Gold Queen Beast’s Bullion Coin

In the last few years, the gold Queen’s Beasts collection has been a popular choice among collectors and investors. The collection is comprised of 10 heraldic staties that were present during her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s coronation ceremony in 1953. Each “Beast” was adorned with the badge of the family associated with her Majesty. It was a symbol of power and lineage, handed down through generations and many centuries.
In total there are 11 different Queen’s Beast Coins: Six heraldic animals – lion(2016), Griffin(2017), falcon(2018), the unicorn(2019), and dragon(2020); three sections from her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Coat of Arms which represent England, Scotland and Ireland – lion(206), the unicorn(2019) and harp(2021); two Queen’s Beast chariots – a unicorn light-skinned horse with a white mane. They have become an overwhelming favorite for not only collectors but also investors. There are 10 distinct beasts as well as a fuller coin. They’re a popular choice for collectors and investors. The beautiful design of these coins is a joy for both investors and collectors.
The Queen’s Beast gold coins are available in both 1 oz and 1/4 oz sizes. This permits those who have different financial and investment objectives to buy into the series. These coins are struck to the exact specifications of the Britannia series and the Queen’s Beast Gold coins are struck with pure 999.9 quality(24k) gold, and carry a face value of PS100 or PS25 depending on the size of the coin.

Benefits of Owning British Royal Mint Gold Coins

Some of the benefits of owning Britain Gold Coins are as follows:

  • Owning British gold coins diversifies, balances, and stabilizes the investment in your portfolio with the backing of the Britain government. 
  • The British gold coins provide a piece of history, are simple to resell for cash, and no coin looks or feels better than one made of real gold.
  • In contrast to other investments, the price of European gold coins rises in lockstep with the price of gold, which has climbed regularly and continuously.
  • Many British gold coins that were minted prior to World War I are still in circulation. This makes them scarcer and more valuable.

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Are British gold coins a good investment?

Although the British gold coin’s price is often slightly higher than that of modern gold bullion coins, these coins have many benefits. British gold coins may be a good option for investors who want to have some leverage on the gold price, but also the possibility for the premium(numismatic worth) to rise.