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American Buffalo Gold Coin

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The American Buffalo gold coins are among the rarest 24k gold coins produced by the United States Mint with .9999 gold purity.

It was created to compete with the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf and capture the fine gold-bullion coin market share. Once released in 2016, the gold buffalo coins became an instant hit and are one of the most sought-after bullion coins of the US Mint.

The details of the buffalo are guaranteed and backed up by the United States Government. American gold buffalos come in BU condition (Brilliant Uncirculated Condition) and various weights, including 1/10 oz, ¼ oz, ½ oz, and 1 troy ounce, making the gold Buffalo coin popular and perfect for diversifying your investment portfolio and a great addition to any collection.

The Gold American Buffalos are eligible for the Precious metals IRA. The gold Buffalo coins come in protective plastic packaging and a certificate for authenticity from the US Mint.

Design of the Gold American Buffalo Coins:

The design of the Gold American Buffalo coins features the American numismatic tradition. James Earle Fraser designed the bullion coins with the beautiful design having the American Bison, “Indian Head Nickel” or “Buffalo Nickel.” Each American Gold Buffalo has a reeded edge symbolic of the US Mint.

The design quickly became America’s most loved circulating coin.

The obverse and reverse feature the following inscriptions:

Obverse Side:

  • Year ( Year minted )

Reverse Side:

  • Face Value ( in dollars )
  • Weight and Purity

Gold Buffalo Coin Price:

The gold buffalo coin is rare due to the Presidental Coin Act, which authorized the creation of 24k gold coins and limited its mintage, creating the rarity of the gold coins with older coins being more scarce.

The scarcity of the gold coins allowed for good returns for the American Gold Buffalos, especially for investors who invested early.

Hence, the coins have the potential to increase in value not only because of the increase in the spot price of gold but also due to their rarity.

The prices of all gold bars have increased drastically from the early 2000s to today.

Buy American Buffalo Gold Coins from Bullion Trading LLC:

Many investors prefer investing in 24k gold rather than 22k gold. Hence, US Mint introduced the Gold American Buffalo  Coins to add the .9999 purity gold to your investment portfolio. The US Mint guarantees the gold coins.

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