1 Ounce Silver Bars

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1 oz Silver Bars

Buying 1 oz Silver bullion bars are a cost-effective way to add silver to your investment portfolio as they are affordable and easy to stack. Plus, 1 oz Silver Bars carry low premiums over the silver spot price compared to other silver bullion products.

One-ounce silver bars are among the most popular forms of individual precious metal bullion products on the market because they are affordable, beautiful works of art in their own right, easily stored, easily stacked, and quite liquid for investors trading in out of precious physical metals. 

1 oz Silver bars are packaged in an assay card, which simplifies the process of having the bars assayed at a refiner. 1 oz Silver bars come with a variety of designs and manufacturers from popular brands like Engelhard, Johnson Matthey, and more! 1 oz Silver bullion bars offer a consistent size that is easy to stack and sell.

Popular 1 oz Silver Bar Designs

More than two dozen different mints and refineries produce 1 oz silver bars for commercial sale, so there are many products to choose from. Here is a list of the most popular 1 oz silver bar designs that you will find on the market today:

  1. PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna: This Swiss-made PAMP silver bar is made from 1 oz of 999.0 fine silver and is shipped with an assay certificate signed by a certified assayer. For its striking design of Lady Fortuna (the Roman goddess of luck), this Fortuna is recommended to collectors and first-time purchasers. It comes at a low premium over its intrinsic value. Smaller bars tend to be more expensive.
  2. Elemetal Silver Bar: The 1 oz Elemetal Silver Bar features the Elemetal Mint Logo, Letters E and M joined into the Infinity symbol, the symbol of eternality on the Obverse. The text “ELEMETAL.COM” is inscribed below the Elemetal logo.
    The back of the bar contains terms that are related to the element Silver. On the reverse of the 1 oz Elemetal silver bars, you will see the chemical symbol of silver “Ag,” the atomic number of silver “47”, the atomic mass of silver 107.8682, and its electron configuration “[Kr]4d10 5s1”. Also, a diagram showing silver’s atomic structure can be seen. On the upper right side of the bar, the Geometric pattern is inscribed. This elemental silver bar is simple in design.

Common 1 oz Silver Bullion Bar Mints

  1. PAMP Suisse: PAMP Suisse is the world’s largest refiner of Precious Metals. PAMP manufactures and distributes precious metal bars, coins, bullion jewelry, and certificates to investors and collectors worldwide. PAMP has been refining precious metals since 1977.
    PAMP products have been popular with collectors and investors due to their high quality as well as limited product runs and attractive packaging.
  2. Elemetal Mint: Elemetal Mint is a private mint based in the United States. Elemetal was founded with the intention of bringing back integrity to precious metals investment, and Elemetal Mint has created some of the most trusted physical bullion products on the market today. Elemetal has been a great company when it comes to eye appeal and creating unique, collectible products.

Benefits of owning 1 ounce Silver Bars

There are numerous benefits to investing in 1 oz silver bars, including the following:

  1. All-around good investment choice – They function as high-quality investments for investors who want exposure to precious metals but whose portfolios cannot accommodate larger gold or silver bullion coins because of liquidity issues associated with storing them. For example, an investor would not want to store large amounts of bullion coins for security purposes. However, 1 oz silver bars are easy and convenient to store because they come in standard rectangular shapes with uniform weights, easily stacking and storing away.
  2. Liquidity – With the low premiums over spot price associated with them, 1 oz silver bars are excellent investments for those who wish to take advantage of lower prices when making purchases yet have their wealth locked into a stable private asset class that can also be used as leverage when buying other physical assets or financial vehicles down the line. As investors become more aware of the need to own precious metals in today’s uncertain economy and fiat currency environment, these tangible assets will prove to be increasingly popular as growing portions of physical assets are transferred into private wealth-protecting investments.
  3. Boosts asset allocation – When you own 1 oz silver bars, you have made a move toward adding precious metals to your investment portfolio in the form of low-risk bullion products that can be used to optimize your overall portfolio allocations and reduce potential losses from market volatility.
  4. Storing wealth in physical assets – As we covered above, these attractive items serve well as tangible storage devices for investors who desire to store portions of their wealth in safe havens that cannot be tampered with by greedy governments or other institutes that benefit from inflation of fiat currency like central banks.
  5. A safe way to acquire more gold and silver exposure – Another advantage associated with 1 oz silver bars is that they offer a low-risk way to acquire more physical gold and silver through the use of futures contracts.

Buying 1 oz Silver Bars from Bullion Trading LLC

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Are 1 oz Silver Bars a good investment?

Yes, 1 oz Silver Bars are an excellent investment because they can be bought and sold easily as physical metal(and usually not too much markup over spot price), and they do well in times of uncertainty.

How much is 1 oz Silver bar worth?

The price of a 1 oz silver bar is ultimately determined by supply and demand. This means that if there are more buyers than sellers, the premium will increase. If it’s the opposite, the premium will decrease.

How can I sell 1 oz Silver Bars?

Selling can be slower than buying as more people want to invest than take money out of the market, but dealers will pay top-dollar for your product! As stated above, we have seen a premium rise in recent years as demand increase.

Are 1 oz Silver Bars an appropriate gift?

If you are looking for a long-term investment, then it makes the perfect gift. The recipient will not be disappointed on their birthday, Christmas, or any special day! Your loved one can always sell the product at any time and reap returns.

How can I store the 1 oz Silver Bars?

Don’t stack them- they can get crushed. Bars should be stored individually in an allocated space. Plastic tubes, boxes, metal buckets all work well for storage but make sure it is dry and cool.