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Silver Gram Bars

The first step to take while investing in Silver is to get Silver Gram Bars. Silver has been a well-known store of value as well as a type of money for over four thousand years. Silver bars set the standard when buying or investing in silver products.

Silver bars are the best bet for investors merely looking for the most silver for their money because they can be purchased at the lowest possible premium. Mints and refineries like PAMP Suisse and Credit Suisse produce and mint large amounts of precious metals enabling them to charge them for less money making them affordable for investors and buyers such as yourself.

We are glad to provide a wide selection of silver gram bars that can help diversify any investment portfolio. Each of these silver gram bars contains its purity, metal content, and weight which is guaranteed by assaying agencies or governmental concerns.

Silver gram bars are seen as the ultimate precious metal to fight against inflation and secure a rich future. The idea is to purchase silver at a low price, save and invest with it, and finally sell silver bars at a high price.

Silver bars are available in sizes ranging from one ounce to 1,000 troy ounces. The 10-gram silver bars are one of the best choices in this category that will help diversify your portfolio. Because the physical bars come in a variety of sizes, they may simply be stacked on top of one another, decreasing the amount of space needed in sturdy safes. If you just have a little amount of space in your safe, silver bars could be the way to go.

Popular Silver Gram Bars Designs

Some numerous mints and refineries produce silver gram bars for commercial sale, thus there are many possibilities. The following is a list of today’s most popular silver gram bar designs:

PAMP Suisse Buddha:

PAMP Suisse reign on top of the precious metal world taking a  huge portion of the market share alongside other bullion companies. They produce high-quality products that are not only one of the best in the world but also sell at low prices near the spot price of silver.
PAMP Suisse has gone above and beyond with this magnificent faith series. Symbols, emblems, and gods from many religions in this series, Buddha, also known as the Enlightened One, born and raised in Kapilvastu, Nepal, pursued knowledge and got enlightened beneath the Bodhi tree. The nine virtues are what Buddha left behind for his seekers of enlightenment.

Each bar is meticulously wrapped in an assay card, much like the rest of PAMP Suisse’s bars, to assure preservation and authenticity. The brands are branded with assay cards that have a unique serial number that defines the authenticity of the silver bar. The same unique serial number is also engraved onto the silver bar in case the assay card is misplaced.

PAMP Suisse Romanesque Cross:

This is the .999 pure 10 gram Silver bar, with PAMP Suisse’s reputation for premium and beautiful bar designs with the representation of religious symbols like Goddess Laxmi and Buddha. The Romanesque Cross is remembered here as a symbol of Christianity.

All Silver gram bars come with an assay card that has the assayer’s signature certifying the assay card.  The bar contains the roman cross on the pedestal on the obverse which has light beaming from the background. Reverse: The reverse features the PAMP Suisse logo with the metal’s content alongside the purity and unique serial number. The unique serial number matches with the assay card and the one engraved in the bar. Assay cards contain the content of metal, purity, and weight. Since the crucifixion of Jesus Christ according to the Christian religion, the cross has been a symbol of love, hope, and the forgiveness of sins, making this not only an ideal present but also an investment for the future.

Common Silver Gram Bullion Bars Mints

The world’s largest and most well-known refineries make the most regularly issued silver gram bars. There are dozens of mints and refineries like the Royal Mint, PAMP Suisse, etc. Some of the most common Mints are:

PAMP Suisse:

PAMP Suisse was formed in Switzerland, 1977. Palladium, gold, silver, and platinum bars are all purified by Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux(PAMP). Pamp Suisse provides various artifacts in which most of which offer purity of the metal .9999. 

Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bars:

The Royal Mint of Canada offers one of the best silver bars in the world. The RCM’s logo appears on the principal face of most of its designs. The Royal Canadian Mint silver bullion bar has the mint’s sugar maple leaf design along with French lettering.

Royal Mint Silver Bars:

When it comes to buying silver bullion as part of a balanced investment portfolio, the Royal Mint’s silver bar collection provides investors flexibility and choice. The Royal Mint provides silver bars in various shapes, sizes, and styles ranging from 10 grams to a kilogram. 

Benefits of Silver Gram Bars

These are the benefits of investing in Silver Gram Bars:

1) Silver, like any other precious metal, is a liquid and excellent investment option. Silver is monetized and stored for value for many years. 

2) These bars are safe because they are kept in depositories and security storage firms and are legally recognized by governments around the world.

3) Silver Gram bars have a high level of liquidity, they have an excellent buyback guarantee making them simple to buy and sell. In other words, it is a convenient means of investment.

4) Silver has been an essential asset from the beginning of time and will continue to be so. Beginners that are looking to enter the precious metal investment are highly encouraged to first try out the silver bars as they are risk-free and help to get to know the market properly.

Buying Silver Gram Bars from Bullion Trading LLC

Bullion Trading LLC is a bullion dealer in New York City that sells silver bars as well as a variety of other precious metals. Silver Gram Bars are offered at incredibly low rates, and we are always ready to ship Silver Gram Bars anywhere in the United States.

Please call us at 646-362-3536 if you have any questions regarding Silver Gram Bars or any of our other goods. Bullion Trading LLC sells silver gram bars Monday through Thursday 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST and Friday 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. EST. Please call us at 646-362-3536 if you have any questions regarding Silver Gram Bars or any of our other goods. Our online checkout is simple to use, and all transactions are safe, so you’ll never have to worry while buying with Bullion Trading LLC online. We hope you find our website to be informative and entertaining.


Is it difficult to sell silver?

No, silver is neither hard to sell nor hard to buy. Precious metals like silver are known for liquidity. They sell off easily and buyers are willing to buy silver gram bars and coins for potential future profits.

How much is 1 gram of silver in ounces?

The weight of a troy ounce is 31.01 grams. One gram of silver is equal to 0.0322 troy ounces.

How much is the silver gram bar worth?

The silver gram bar is worth the current spot price of silver with a little “premium” added by the mints and refineries like PAMP Suisse.

How much is a 1 gram silver bar worth?

One gram of silver bar is worth around $0.8 USD.