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Chinese Silver Pandas

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Chinese Silver Panda Coins

Chinese silver panda coins are one of the most popular silver bullion coins in the world today, second only to the American Silver Eagle. When this line first came out, it was essentially a silver version of the gold panda bullion series.

These Silver Panda coins are a great choice for all collectors – especially because silver prices are so low. For people who prefer the designs and security of bullion coins but crave something with more character, Chinese Silver Pandas are an ideal choice.

One of the primary reasons for their popularity is because they appeal to many collectors and investors around the globe. They also represent a great value when it comes to precious metals investments.

History of Chinese Panda Silver Coins

The Chinese Silver Panda Coin is one of the oldest available silver bullion coins. In 1982, the Mexican Mint released the Mexican Silver Libertad coin. The Chinese Silver Panda followed in 1983. The Silver Panda, however, was initially only available as a proof coin. The Chinese Silver Panda was a proof coin that contained less than one-ounce silver and had a purity of 90 percent from 1983 to 1985. The Silver Panda was not released in 1988 or 1986. However, the Chinese Mint raised the standard of international investment in 1987.

The Chinese Silver Panda coin was first issued in 1987 at 1 Troy Oz with a purity level of.999 Silver content has been available since that time. The Chinese Mint has issued the Chinese Silver Panda coin since 1989 as an investment-grade bullion coin.

Design of Silver Chinese Pandas

Each year, the reverse of the Panda coin shows a different portrait of China’s most popular wildlife. In 2001, the People’s Republic of China froze the design. So, the 2001 SilverPanda and the 2002 SilverPanda share the same obverse design. Collectors protested the freeze, and it was lifted. Each subsequent design has been unique.

The extraordinary etching of Temple of Heaven appears on the Chinese Silver Pandas’ reverse. The Temple, located in Beijing, was built in the Ming Dynasty period in the fifteenth century as a place for China’s elite and royalty to worship. This reverse design has remained almost unchanged. However, in 1987 the coin’s value and weight were altered. In this instance, the Temple of Heaven design had its appearance slightly modified: the number of posts surrounding the Temple in the stone fence was changed.

The Chinese Silver Panda coins are a valuable addition to international numismatics. These coins will continue to appeal to both collectors and investors.

Composition and Specifications

The Silver Panda coin has seen changes in its silver composition and its diameter. 

  1. One Ounce Chinese Panda Silver Coins: Containing the purity of .999 with the thickness of 2.98mm and diameter of 40mm. The 1 oz silver coin is in Brilliant Uncirculated condition with a face value of 10 Yuan of China. It comes in a plastic slab of package dimension of 3.4 x 2.4 x 0.4.
  2. Thirty gram Chinese Silver Panda Coins: Containing the purity of .999 with a thickness of 2.98mm and the diameter of 40mm, the 30 grams Silver coins are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition with the face value of 10 Yuan. They come in a plastic slab of package dimension of 3.4 x 2.4 x 0.4.
  3. One Kilo Chinese Silver Panda Coins: Containing the purity of .999 with a diameter of 100mm and thickness of 2.98mm, the 32.15 troy ounces (one kilo) Chinese panda silver coins have a face value of 300 Yuan. It comes in presentation packaging manufactured from Chinese Mint.
Denomination Fineness Diameter Thickness Gross Weight Silver Content
10 Yuan .999 silver 40mm 2.98mm 1oz(28 gram) 99.9%
10 Yuan .999 silver 40mm 2.98mm 30 grams 99.9%
300 Yuan .999 silver 100mm 2.98mm 1000 grams 99.9%

The benefit of owning Chinese Panda Silver Coins

The benefits of owning a silver panda coin are endless. The most obvious benefit is the beautiful design that can be admired for hours at a time. Another benefit to these coins is their rarity; with only one type being minted every year, there will never be too many pieces in circulation. These coins also come in unique collectors’ editions and designs, which make them worth even more than they would otherwise be just by themselves due to how limited they are. Finally, this piece contains 999 fine silver, so it has value as an investment and is collectible on its own merit beyond just the face value of what it’s worth when converted into other currencies or goods.

Buying Chinese Silver Panda Coin from Bullion Trading LLC

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Are Silver Pandas legal tender?

Yes. Chinese Silver Panda coins are considered to be an official currency in the People's Republic of China, and, as such, they have been issued since 1983 with a weight that is equal or greater than their face value.

Are Chinese Silver Pandas a good investment?

Chinese Silver Pandas are a good investment for people who want to invest in silver. The Chinese government mints the coins, so they can be expected to have some commodity value and store of wealth value. They also have historical significance due to their connection with China's past military prowess and international power.

Where are Silver Pandas minted?

The Chinese Silver Panda series is minted in the People's Republic of China. The coins are produced by Shenzhen Guobao Mint, Shanghai Shenzhen Mint, and Beijing Shiqiao Mint.