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Silver Rounds

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Silver Round Coins

Silver rounds are perfect for those looking to add some physical silver into their precious metal investment portfolio. They are one of the easiest and least expensive ways to accumulate silver with minimum fuss in your own home.

Silver rounds are a way to invest in silver that is different from silver bullion coins, and the difference lies in how the silver is shaped. The Silver bullion coins are minted by private companies and they look like coins but have no legal tender value. They also do not bear face value as coins do; however, they usually weigh close to the weight of a silver coin. Rounds are usually bought for their metal content, rather than as a collectible item.

Silver rounds are mostly made of 99.9% pure silver and vary in weight depending on their design and original size. The most commonly traded silver rounds have weights of  1 troy ounce(31.1 grams), 5 ounces(155 grams) or 10 ounces(310 grams).

Popular Silver Round Coins

The popularity of silver rounds is steadily increasing and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. A million ounces of silver are sold as silver bullion rounds each year and the number seems to keep growing.

Here are some of the popular silver rounds for sale that are available at the market today:

  • Engelhard Prospector Silver Rounds: These silver rounds were produced by the Engelhard Corporation and were produced between 1982-1987. Engelhard silver rounds have been widely considered some of the best bullion coins ever made and remain highly valued today, even after being discontinued by the company.
    The inscriptions “U.S.A,” the year of issuance, and “The American Prospector” appear on the obverse, along with an image of a prospector panning for gold.
    The Engelhard logo is seen directly above the bald eagle gripping the olive tree branch on the reverse of the silver round. On the reverse of the silver round, you’ll see the weight and purity of the silver.
  • Elemetal Silver Rounds: The Elemetal Silver Rounds are produced by the Elemetal mint. These privately minted silver rounds have garnered a lot of attention recently because they contain .999 fine silver and is IRA approved.
    The Elemetal Logo appears on the obverse of this fine silver round, along with the term “Minted IN THE USA” inscribed.
    The atomic structure of silver is depicted on the reverse of these silver rounds. The distribution of electrons across the orbits of silver in concentric rings at the rim of the round is likewise depicted on the reverse. The weight and purity of the silver used are also inscribed on the reverse.
  • A-Mark Silver Rounds: A-Mark Silver Rounds are an exciting piece of bullion that pays homage to America’s rich cultural heritage. It is made of 99.9% pure silver.
    The US Liberty Bell, one of the most well known American icons, is depicted on the obverse side of the A-Mark Silver Rounds. The banner “LIFE LIBERTY HAPPINESS” can be seen just above the Liberty Bell. The A-Mark Logo and the purity of the silver round may be found beneath the Liberty Bell.
    The reverse side of the A Mark silver round depicts America’s national symbol, the American Bald Eagle, holding olive leaves in its talons and arrows in its talons, surrounded by thirteen stars, one for each of the thirteen colonies. The weight and purity of the silver round are engraved on the top, while the inscription “LIBERTY SILVER” is engraved on the bottom.

Common Silver Round Mints

In general, Silver rounds are minted by the world’s largest and most well-known refineries and are most often issued. Engelhard, Elemetal Mint, Sunshine Mint and the Golden State Mint are just a few of the companies that provide dozens of different 1 oz gold bars.

  1. Elemetal Mint: Elemetal Mint is a privately owned and operated mint that produces silver bullion rounds and bars. Elemetal Mint is an amalgamation of three prominent gold and silver refineries: OPM(Ohio Precious Metals), NTR(New Territory Refining), and Provident Metals.
    It was created to provide investors and collectors with the opportunity of buying silver in affordable weights and at competitive prices.
  2. Engelhard Corporation: The Engelhard Corporation was a multinational corporation that got its start in the early 1800s as a gold and silver refiner based in Iselin, New Jersey. It had interests in silver exploration and mining, the refining and trading of metals, minerals, and related products such as industrial materials, commodities, and specialty metals.

Benefits of Owning Silver Bullion Rounds

The benefits of silver rounds are numerous. There are a number of reasons why one would want to invest in silver rounds rather than other methods of investing in silver.

One reason is that they are extremely easy to obtain. Unlike bullion coins, there is no need to find a dealer willing to sell them as well as dread the process of having them assayed. silver rounds can be found almost anywhere that sells silver on the internet or within your local area.

Another benefit of silver rounds is that they are extremely easy to store and transport due to their compact size and shape. For example, there are 1 oz silver bullion rounds that are smaller than a quarter coin!

Furthermore, many people prefer silver rounds because they are easy to use for gifts or trade.

With all these benefits, it is no wonder that investing in silver rounds is popular among investors.

Buying Silver Rounds from Bullion Trading LLC

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How much do silver rounds cost?

The price is typically based on the current market spot price for silver plus a small premium. The actual premium charged will vary slightly between different dealers, and there may also be additional charges such as shipping costs or insurance.

Are Silver rounds legal tender?

No, although they sometimes carry an implied guarantee by the issuing mint that they contain a certain weight of fine silver, silver rounds are not legal tender and they are not recognized as such by the government. However, because of their shape and size, silver rounds can often be used for barter in an economic emergency.

Are Silver Rounds a better investment than coins?

It is hard to say which investment option will be best over time. Both coins and silver rounds can have their advantages depending on individual investors' needs and goals.

Where can I buy silver rounds?

Silver Bullion rounds are available from a number of different dealers both online and offline. Bullion Trading LLC offers the number of silver rounds at the best affordable price.