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US Silver Coins

US Silver Coins are coins that are guaranteed by the US Government for their purity, silver content, and weight. 

Types of US Silver Coins

Silver American Eagles:

The American Silver Eagles are silver bullion coins released by the United States Mint and are one of the most popular silver coins in the world. The American Silver Coins are backed up by the US government on the silver content, purity, and authenticity.

The obverse of the silver eagle coins is a classic design and created by Adolph Weinman for the Walking Liberty. The reverse was designed by the designer John Mercanti which features an eagle bearing a shield.

The American Silver Eagle coins contain .999 fine silver and come with a protective plastic flip. The multiples of 20 coins come in protective plastic tubes and multiples of 500 coins come in monster boxes. These coins are eligible for Precious Metal IRAs and are backed by the US government. 

5 Oz Silver Coin – America the Beautiful:

America is a beautiful land of diversity, in both population and nature. To tribute, its national treasures like parks, monuments, and forests, the US Mint has produced America the beautiful coins

These 5 oz silver coins are produced by the US Mint. America the Beautiful silver coin weighs 5 oz and is composed of .999 pure silver stamped in the coin which is in BU condition. These coins arrive in a plastic capsule, a tube of 10 coins, or a monster box of 100 coins. Each of the coins is a tribute to some kind of historical asset of America. 

Morgan Silver Dollar Coin BU – Random Year:

Named after the famous engraver at US Mint, George T. Morgan, the Morgan Silver Dollar Coin was a US dollar currency produced from 1878 to 1904 and again in 1921. The Morgan Dollar Silver Coin maintain their value with premium with the spot price of silver in comparison to other junk silver. 

The morgan silver dollar coin contains 0.7734 oz of fine silver. Individual coins come in plastic flips. The obverse contains the left-facing profile of Lady Liberty while the reverse contains the bald eagle with outstretched wings clutching an olive branch. 

90% Silver Coins:

Also known as Junk Silver, the 90% Silver coins refer to old US currency coins. Its value depends on its silver content and the spot price of silver. They are collectibles that were minted pre- 1965 by the US Government. They come in BU condition as well as circulated conditions. 

Bullion Trading LLC offers 90% silver coins with face values of $5, $10, $50, and $100. All the variations of the junk silver coins contain varying weights and are sold according to their rarity and silver content rather than face value. 

Silver Peace Dollars (Random Year):

Minted between 1920 to 1928 and again 1934 to 1935 by the US Mint. Each of the silver peace dollars contains 0.77344 troy ounces of .900 pure silver that come in protective plastic flips. It features the Lady Liberty on the observe while on the reverse it contains a bald American eagle on a rock with an olive branch. 

Silver peace dollars are classic rare coins struck during American history and are a timeless design. Bullion Trading LLC offers the Silver Peace Dollar coins at almost uncirculated conditions. 

Benefits of Owning US Silver Coins:

  1. Owning US Silver Coins diversifies and stabilizes your investment portfolio.
  2. US Silver Coins are backed by the US Government. 
  3. Silver return of investment has shown better growth than gold investments over the past years. 
  4. Silver coins will maintain their value and purchasing power. They can be used to purchase commodities even if the economy collapses. 
  5. Even junk silver has great potential for investors. They sell for historical value rather than their silver content. 

Buying US Silver Coins from Bullion Trading LLC:

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What US coins are made of silver?

American Silver Eagles, America the Beautiful coins, Silver Morgan Dollars, and Silver Peace Dollars are some of many US Silver Coins that contain silver in them.

Are all coins before 1964 silver?

Silver coins that were minted pre-1964 like the Morgan dollar coins and Silver Peace Dollars contain 90% silver.

Is it worth it to buy junk silver?

Yes, junk silver is silver that contains 90% silver in them. Pre-1964 coins such as morgan coins and peace dollar coins are junk coins. They are rare and retain value over time.

Is 90 silver coins a good investment?

Yes, they are a great portfolio diversifier. They contain 90% silver and retains their value from the content of silver in them. All coins before 1964, are minted with 10% copper and 90% silver.