Gram Gold Bars

Gold has traditionally been seen as a symbol of riches and status. In unpredictable times, having a varied investment portfolio that includes gold bullion can help safeguard you. It is cheap for any budget thanks to the numerous sizes of gram gold bars. Although you will pay a lesser premium over the gold spot price if you buy a larger gold ingot(gold bar), you will pay a lower premium over the gold spot price if you buy a smaller gold.

We are pleased to provide a diverse range of gram gold bars that may be used to diversify any investment portfolio. Each gold ingot is marked with its precise purity by weight as well as guaranteed by an independent renowned assaying laboratory.

A common bullion item is the Gram Gold bar. They are not only a great method to invest in gold, but they are also clearly identifiable and extremely liquid [liquidity refers to how quickly an asset can be changed into cash]. Many investors utilize this product as a typical way of constructing a portfolio due to its high liquidity.

When it comes to our selection of gram gold bars, you have a lot of options because we have goods from firms all over the world. .9999 purity and a weight indication of various grams are imprinted on almost all of our gram gold bars. The bars on sale here, in most circumstances, have a lesser premium than they would if purchased elsewhere.

Most of these gold bars include marks that tell you about their fineness, provenance, and content in addition to their purity and weight. Because these marked gold bars come from world-famous mints such as PAMP Suisse, Valcambi, and others, they are branded with these data.

Popular Gram Gold Bar Designs

Several different mints and refineries make gram gold bars for commercial sale, therefore there are various options. The following is a list of the most popular designs of gram gold bars for sale available today:

  1. PAMP Suisse Cast: PAMP Suisse Cast Gram Gold Bar has a purity of 99.99 percent and is made by the world’s finest precious refiner. The PAMP Suisse Cast Gram Gold Bars are one-of-a-kind because they are hand-poured, loaf-style gold bars.
    The engraving is engraved on the Cast Gram Gold bars after molten gold is poured into a mold and allowed to soften. The blemishes and irregularities that arise from the casting process give each bar personality as well as an appealing rustic look. Even though the casting process does not create beautifully polished edges and forms like mint gold bars, cast gold bars are highly sought after owing to their rarity.
    Each 100 Gram Gold Bar – PAMP Suisse Cast bears a unique assay mark, and the assay card that comes with the gold bar allows you to verify the authenticity of your purchase.
  2. PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna: Due to its outstanding design, PAMP Suisse Gold bars are well-known to investors across the world. According to Roman mythology, the Gram PAMP Suisse gold bar on the obverse features the Roman Goddess, Lady Fortuna who is believed to be the Goddess of Fortune and Luck. Lady Fortuna is portrayed in left-profile relief, wearing a blindfold and carrying a cornucopia loaded with gold money, as well as a wreath crown on her head.
    On the back of the Gram PAMP Suisse gold bar, the PAMP logo is represented at the top of the design area, with the remaining marks placed vertically along the bar’s face. The letters PAMP are surrounded by a four-pointed star, and the word Suisse is engraved beneath. On the back of the bar are the weight, purity, metal composition, and serial number.
  3. Credit Suisse Gram Gold Bar: The obverse of the Credit Suisse gram gold bar features the depiction of the company’s logo along with the weight and purity marks and the inscription “Essayeur Fondeur”. A six-digit serial number is issued to each Credit Suisse gold bar, which can be seen on the obverse side of the gold bar.
    The Credit Suisse emblem is depicted in a diagonal pattern on the reverse of the gram fine gold 999.9 bar from Credit Suisse. The Credit Suisse gram gold bar boasts a beautiful sheen and a clean, yet attractive shape.
  4. Valcambi Suisse Gram Gold Bars: The markings are only seen on the obverse side of these gram gold bars. On the surface of these gold bars, the Valcambi Suisse name, refinery emblem, and purity are imprinted in a horizontal sequence from left to right. You will also see an assayer’s serial number and stamp. These bars’ serial numbers are made up of a two-letter, six-digit scheme for identification.
    The reverse of these gram gold bars is left intentionally blank with a smooth surface.

Common Gram Gold Bullion Bars Mints

In general, gram gold bars produced by the world’s largest and most well-known refineries are the most widely issued. PAMP Suisse, Valcambi Suisse, Credit Suisse, etc. are just a few of the companies that provide dozens of various gram gold bars.

  1. PAMP Suisse Cast: PAMP Suisse was founded in Ticino (Switzerland) in 1977. PAMP is a significant purifier of palladium, gold, silver, and platinum bars, and is officially known as Produits Artistiques Metaux Precieux (PAMP). The precious metal objects are available in a wide range of styles, with the bulk of them provided. The metal has a purity of 9999. MKS Switzerland collaborates with PAMP Suisse, which is part of the MKS PAMP Group. It’s a firm that deals with money and precious metals all over the world.
  2. Credit Suisse: Credit Suisse gold bars are among the most popular bullions in the world. The Credit Suisse 1 gram gold bar is backed by the well-known and respected Credit Suisse Bank of Switzerland. Valcambi, one of Switzerland’s most renowned precious metal refineries, produces the Credit Suisse gold bars.
  3. Valcambi Suisse: These Gram Gold Bar are manufactured by Valcambi Suisse, Switzerland’s largest precious metals foundry. They have a reputation for providing high-quality products that are guaranteed. Pure purity of 9999. The Valcambi Gram Gold bullion bar is elegant and simple. It offers the highest value in terms of liquidity, portability, and price per gram.

Benefits of Gram Gold Bars

There are many benefits to investing in Gram Gold Bars:
1) Gold is one of the least reactive elements on the planet, with a purity of at least 99.9%, and has consequently been prized for its beauty and permanence since antiquity. With the rise in global gold supply over the previous few decades, metal has become more widely used in the production of jewelry, electronics, and a variety of other commercial ventures.

2) Gram gold bars are suitable for many investors who value security above mobility, as these bars are impossible to counterfeit or tamper with once they have been legally recognized by a respectable mint or refiner.

3) These bars are also safe because they may be kept in a variety of places, including the issuing mint’s depositories or even one’s bank.

4) Gram gold bars have a high level of liquidity, making them excellent for investors looking to sell their holdings quickly. It is quite simple to buy gram gold bars from a variety of dealers and then sell them back with minimum effort at a later date.

5) For thousands of years, gold has been an essential asset class, and it is likely to continue to serve as a safe haven in times of market turbulence. Even beginners to the financial markets can acquire gram gold bars, which they can keep even during times of panic or uncertainty.

Buying Gram Gold Bars from Bullion Trading LLC

Bullion Trading LLC is a bullion dealer in New York City that sells gold bars(gold ingots) as well as a variety of other precious metals. Gram Gold Bars are offered at incredibly low rates, and we are always ready to ship Gram Gold Bars anywhere in the United States.

Please call us at 646-362-3536 if you have any questions regarding Gram Gold Bars or any of our other goods. You can buy gram gold bars from Bullion Trading LLC anytime during our business hours: Mon – Thu 8:30 AM to 4 PM EST and FRI 8:30 – 1 PM EST.  Please call us at 646-362-3536 if you have any questions regarding Gram Gold Bars or any of our other goods. Our online checkout is simple to use, and all transactions are safe, so you’ll never have to worry while buying with Bullion Trading LLC online. We hope you find our website to be informative and entertaining.


Are gram gold bars a good investment?

Gram Gold bars can be highly liquid investments. A gram bar of gold is a solid investment for anyone looking at adding precious metals to his or her portfolio.

How much is 1 gram of gold in ounces?

The precise weight of an international troy ounce is 31.1034768 g. One gram of gold is equal to 0322 troy ounces. In ounces, the fluid mass may also be quantified.

How much is the gram gold bar worth?

A gram gold bar is worth the current spot price of gram gold of .9999 fine gold plus a small premium.

Is 999.9 pure gold?

In gold, silver, and other precious metals, fineness refers to the proportion of gold to other metals expressed in parts per thousand. As a result, it is a more accurate scale than a carat. 999.9 is pure gold in this system.