Platinum & Palladium Bars

Platinum Bars:

We are glad to be able to offer platinum bars at such competitive prices. Platinum Bullion Bars are the primary attention when investing in platinum bullion. Bar of platinum are preferred because of their large availability and vast product selection and to top it off, their low pricing. Investors and collectors of platinum bars will find their preferred sizing with favorable design and the relative price of platinum they prefer.

Popular Platinum Bar Designs:

Each of the mints has its own approach when designing platinum bars. Most investors do not opt to design as they focus more on investing purposes rather than collecting reasons. Nevertheless, the platinum bullion bars come in various beautiful designs. Some of the designs that are treasured and worshipped are:

PAMP Fortuna Series Platinum Bar:

The series is designed and developed by PAMP Suisse. On the obverse of the Fortuna platinum bars, comes the depictions of the goddess of Fortune. The goddess is blindfolded with the left profile bust and contains a cornucopia on her head.

Credit Suisse Platinum Bar:

Credit Suisse Bars come with the illustration credit Suisse logo with repetitive engravings on the back. These bars have their own serial number that identifies each of them separately. It also contains the assayer’s stamp, weight, purity, and metal content of the bar.
Argos-Heraeus Platinum Bar: The obverse contains the Argor-Heraeus logo with name styling at the center that features a ring with full name enlisted. The weight, purity, and metal content are engraved in the bar.

Common Platinum Bars Mints:

The platinum bars are minted by hundreds of private mints from all around the world. However, most of the market is covered by big names like Valcambi Suisse, PAMP Suisse, and Credit Suisse platinum bullion bars. By purchasing platinum bullion bars from these prestigious companies, you get an assayer’s signature and you can rest assured that you are buying the most authentic and trusted product in the industry.

Pamp Suisse:

Pamp Suisse is a well-known bullion brand around the world that set a benchmark of excellence for precious metals. They are a mint that provides precious metal alloys including platinum bars. They also produce coins and medals of institutions and governments.

Credit Suisse:

Credit Suisse is a reputed bullion brand for precious metals from gold and silver to platinum and palladium. Being very popular amongst precious metal investors, they sell platinum bars in different sizes with different weights.

Benefits of Platinum Bars:

Platinum is harder to mine than gold since it lies deeper in the Earth’s core. What makes platinum bars so beneficial for investors is that their short supply and high demand nature will not only diversify your portfolio but also set a backing and financing for the future.

The main advantages of platinum bars are:

Its historical background and its scope for future endeavors allow platinum to be a valuable asset to have. Today, many fields such as electronics, automobiles, the plastic industry, and many other modern industries use platinum in production.
Platinum has seen remarkable growth in pricing ever since the 1970s. Investors and collectors diversify their portfolios and spread risk across several products.
It has a rising demand for industrial usage. Due to its short supply and high demand in industries, platinum is anticipated to have a high rise in prices.
Among the metals, platinum has interesting pricing trends unique to itself. It will be beneficial for investors for long-term investments.
It is easy to invest in and investors have choices of investing in either platinum bars or coins. Coins are lighter options than bars.

Assay Cards:

The given platinum bars come with assay certificates that certify the bar’s purity, weight, and mint, also given in the respective bars. With the platinum bars in their mint packaging and inside the assay card you will have no problems reselling these platinum bars. Small gram bars come enclosed in the assay whereas the large gram bars come separately with assay certificates.

When you purchase bullion platinum bars that contain assay cards, you can rest assured that you are getting a legitimate product without any compromises.

Buying Platinum Bars from Bullion Trading LLC:

Bullion Trading LLC is a bullion dealer that offers platinum bars in addition to several other precious metal options in New York City. We offer platinum bars at extremely competitive prices and are always available for the fast delivery of these platinum bars anywhere in the United States.

If you have any questions about the Platinum bars or any other products, please contact us at 646-362-3536 and we will be happy to assist you. You can buy platinum bars from Bullion Trading LLC anytime during our business hours, which are Mon – Thu 8:30 AM to 4 PM EST and FRI 8:30 – 1 PM EST. Take a look through all of our platinum bars and pick out the one that suits your preferences best. Our online checkout is easy to use and all transactions are secure, which means you never need to worry about anything when shopping with us online at Bullion Trading LLC. We hope you enjoy browsing our site!


Is platinum a good investment?

Yes, platinum is a good long term investment specially because it is rarer and harder than gold, has a short supply and broad demand making it a profitable investment that not only helps diversify your portfolio but also makes you money for the future.

How much would a bar of platinum cost?

A bar of platinum comes in different sizes with different weights. You can find the prices of platinum bars mentioned above.

How much does a platinum bar weigh?

Platinum bars weight from 1 oz, 100grams, 500grams to 1kilograms having dimensions of 40.4mm * 23.3mm , 49.7mm * 28.5mm, 80mm * 47mm, and 96mm * 51mm respectively.

How much is a platinum bar worth?

Platinum bars can cost from around $100 for 1/10 troy oz to around $60000 for 1 kilogram.

How much is a 10 Oz platinum bar worth?

The value of 10 Oz Platinum Bar depends on the current platinum spot price. It usually costs around $10000 for a 10 oz Platinum bar.