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Platinum and Palladium 

Platinum and Palladium are recently popularized as precious metals in the bullion industry. However, platinum and Palladium are pretty different from gold and silver; because of this, you’ll want to learn more about platinum and Palladium. 

What is Platinum?

Platinum is a precious metal used in various industries, including electronics, automation, and bullion. Previously considered useless, this precious metal has proven useful even more than gold and silver. Platinum prices are high due to their extreme rarity and high demand. 

Platinum investors buy platinum in large quantities, preferably. Still, bullion investors like yourself are inclined towards lower investment options like the 1 oz, 100 gram, and 500-gram platinum bars.  

What is Palladium?

Often confused with platinum, Palladium is a separate metal of its own. Palladium demand has gone up sharply throughout recent years, and now is the best time to invest in palladium bullion. With palladium prices only forecasted to increase in the coming years, Bullion Trading LLC offers palladium bullion at the lowest premiums in the market. 

Platinum and Palladium as an Investment

Platinum and Palladium are scarce compared to other precious metals like gold and silver. 

The prices of platinum change with the supply and demand; during stability and steady demand, the prices of platinum tend to be twice as much as gold. Still, during economic instability, the prices tend to drop below gold.

While platinum can be volatile, it shines brightest during economic stability and growth. 

Platinum and palladium bullion helps you keep your investment portfolio diversified and prepare for any situation in life. 

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Palladium vs Platinum 

Difference between Platinum and Palladium: 

Platinum Palladium
Rarity Platinum is rarer than gold and silver Palladium is slightly rarer than Platinum
Hardness Platinum is softer than palladium Palladium is harder than platinum
Investment Platinum is more costly due to the high demand Palladium is less costly due to lesser demand
Popularity Platinum is more popular and higher in demand  Palladium is popular in industrial usage
Uses Bullion, Industries, and Jewelry Bullion, Industries, and Jewelry


Which is more valuable between platinum and palladium?

Platinum is more valuable than platinum due to its rarity compared to the most precious metal in the bullion industry.

Is platinum or palladium better?

Both platinum and palladium have their strong points. While platinum and palladium cannot be compared in terms of beauty, platinum and palladium are excellent bullion investments. In terms of strength, platinum is more robust than palladium.

Are platinum and palladium the same?

Often confused with platinum, palladium is a platinum group metal independent of platinum.

Why is palladium so much more expensive than platinum?

The palladium supply is lower than that of platinum since palladium is rarer than platinum. The demand for palladium increased due to the vehicle emission regulation imposed by governments around the world.