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African Silver Coins

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African Silver Coins

African Silver coins are minted from the South African Mint. The South African Mint is responsible for minting coins for the African Reserve Bank. The mint produces coins and other products for domestic as well as international markets. The South African Mint is known for its consistent products and releases with extraordinary quality. Coins series like Krugerrands and Wildlife have caught the eyes of both investors and collectors alike. 

Popular African Silver Coins:

The most popular African Coins are undoubtedly the Silver Krugerrand and the South African Big Five Silver Coins.  While the Silver Krugerrand needs no introduction, the big five silver coins are newer launches that some may not be familiar with. 

The African Krugerrand Silver Coins:

The African Krugerrand silver coins are the silver counterpart to the popular gold krugerrand coins that were a massive hit to investors and collectors. Seeing the popularity of the gold krugerrand coins, the mint started minting the silver version of the krugerrand coins. The Krugerrand silver coins saw huge demands and it boasts the mintage a mintage of a million coins. 

The Krugerrand Silver Coins are annual-release coins that contain 1 troy oz of .999 fine silver in BU condition, with the face value being 1 Rand. The coin comes in a plastic flip, multiples of 25 come in plastic tubes, and multiples of 500 come in monster boxes. 

South African Big Five Silver Series:

The South African Mint first introduced the big five series in 2019. The big five silver bullion coins is a new series that contain the five famous animal species of the African Continent. Only limited coins are minted per design which makes them valuable as is. The coins have 1 troy oz of .999 pure silver in BU condition with a face value of 5 Rand. 

On each side of the silver coin contains a design of one of the five animals from the series. 

The face value, metal content, purity, and weight of the coins are engraved in the center of the design. 

The designs of the big five silver series are: 

African Elephant

African Lion 




Each of the coins is housed inside plastic flips, multiples of 25 in plastic tubes and multiples of 500 in monster boxes. Each of the coins is packaged with a certificate booklet that contains the imagery of the animal, the series name, date, weight, and metal content of the coin also the certificate of authenticity. 

African wildlife silver coins:

The African Wildlife Coins were first introduced in 2004. The African Wildlife Series is a collection of silver coins that features a variety of African animals such as the lion and elephant. 

They are produced by the Mint of Bavaria in Germany. The African Wildlife Series of Coins are .999 pure silver bullion coins containing 1 troy oz which is packaged in a plastic flip. 

Benefits of African Silver Coins

  1. South African Silver Coins are beautiful desirable coins that diversify your investment portfolio. 
  2. Contains 1 troy oz of South African Silver. It acts as a hedge against inflation and has a higher return on investment than gold.
  3. These coins have high liquidity and are popular pieces that can be traded in large quantities all around the world. 
  4. Ease of storage, lower premiums, and ease of transportation than other bullion products. 
  5. Backed up and guaranteed by the South African Government

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Which South African coins are silver?

All coins mentioned above, the Krugerrand Silver Coins, the African Big Five Silver Coins and the African Wildlife Silver Coins are all made up of silver.

What is a 1 oz silver Krugerrand worth?

The 1 oz silver Krugerrand coins are worth the current spot price of silver and the extra premium that comes with it.

Is there a silver Krugerrand?

After the popularity of the gold Krugerrand, the silver Krugerrand coins made their way up the market since 2017 and since then have been in release annually

How pure is a silver Krugerrand?

Silver Krugerrand are 99.9% silver which weighs 1 troy ounce. They are 0.999 pure silver meaning purity at it’s highest.