1/2 oz American Eagle Gold Coin




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The Gold Bullion Coin Act of 1985 authorized the American Eagle Gold Coins to be issued as an official gold bullion coin of the United States and was first released by the US Mint in 1896. 1/2 oz American Eagle Gold Coin is one of the most recognizable gold bullion coins in the world. 

The 1/2 oz American Eagle Gold Coin is made up of 22 kt gold alloy minted with gold mined exclusively in America. The 1/2 oz Gold Coin bears a face value of $25 but the gold value is much more. The American Eagle1/2 oz Gold Coin is alloyed with silver and copper and the coin has a purity of 91.67% or 22k which means they are more wear-resistant coins. The 1/2 oz American Gold Coin is eligible for the Precious Metal IRAs and is backed by the Federal Government of the United States, making it very appealing to any of the precious metals IRAs holder.

Design of 1/2 oz American Eagle Gold Coin

The obverse of 1/2 oz American Eagle Gold Coin features a depiction of Lady Liberty, which was created by Augustus Saint-Gaudens in 1907. The Lady Liberty with flowing hair striding forward on the mountaintop with rays of the sun behind her, holding a torch in her right hand and an olive branch in the left is depicted on the obverse of the coin. The word “Liberty” is depicted at the top of the coin and the image of the Capitol building along with the year of mintage is depicted on the bottom of the coin.

The reverse of the American Eagle 1/2 oz Gold Coin features the depiction of a family of American bald eagles which was designed by the sculptor Miley Busiek. You can see a male eagle clutching an olive branch in his talons and flying toward his nest where the female eagle awaits her young. The phrase “United States of America” is displayed across the top along with the weight and purity inscribed at the bottom. The word “E Pluribus Unum” and “In Gold We Trust” is inscribed to the left and right of the American bald eagle.

Main Highlights of American 1/2 oz Eagle Gold Coin

  • Contains 1/2 troy oz of .9167 fine gold
  • Official bullion gold coin of the United States.
  • Manufactured by the US Mint.
  • Bears a face value of USD $25 and is backed by the Federal Government.
  • Eligible for Precious Metal IRAs.
  • Features the depiction of Lady Liberty on the obverse.
  • Features the depiction of a family of American bald eagles along with the weight and purity of the gold.

Product Specifications: American Eagle 1/2 oz Gold Coin

Specification  Details
Brand  US Mint
Weight  ½ troy oz
IRA Approved Yes
Purity .9167
Thickness 2.24 mm
Diameter 27 mm
Made United States

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Are American Eagle gold coins pure gold?

No, American Eagle gold coins are not pure gold as they contain a certain amount of silver and copper along with pure gold which makes them more wear-resistant.

Which gold coin is best 22k or 24k?

22k gold is preferred in the case of jewelry as the 24k gold is malleable and jewelry made with the 24k gold will easily break. Thus people prefer 22 k over 24k gold as it helps them to get better value when sold.

Can you buy US gold coins from a bank?

Yeah but very few US banks sell the gold bullion coins to the general public. In order to buy gold coins, you can find reputable bullion dealers such as Bullion Trading LLC in your area.

Is it worth buying coins from the US Mint?

Yes, it is worth buying coins from the US Mint as they are backed by the Federal Government.