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1 oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin .9999 Fine - Random Year




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Before the modern iteration of the Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin, there was the one ounce gold coin that had a lower gold purity. In many respects these coins are the same, but there are certainly some small differences.

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One of the most popular gold coins in the globe today, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin has enjoyed immense popularity due to its bullion content and beauty. 1 oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins are the first bullion coins minted by the Royal Canadian Mint. The Canadian Gold Maple leaf is perhaps one of the most prominent gold bullion coins for sale today. The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin, second only to the Gold Krugerrand in terms of gold bullion coinage, is prized by investors all over the world for its government-backed purity and weight.

Considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful gold coins, the Canadian Gold Maple leaf is an absolute dream for collectors, hobbyists, buyers & sellers, and gold aficionados alike. They’ve only been around since 1979, but they’ve captured the attention of gold enthusiasts everywhere. The value of most Maple Leafs is tied to the spot price of gold, given they are effectively made from gold and nothing else.  

Issued annually by the Royal Canadian Mint, this bullion coin is comprised of 1 troy ounce of 99.9% pure gold, making it one of the finest gold bullion coins in the world and a highly profitable way to investment. When you order one or more of these Random Year Gold Maple Leaf Coins from Bullion Trading LLC, you will be getting randomly selected coins available in our inventory of Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz Gold Coins. However, your coin is guaranteed to be issued after 1982 and contains 1 troy oz of .9999 pure gold.

Design of 1 oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin

Like any other Canadian Maple Gold Coins, these gold coins also feature the right-facing profile of her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II which was designed by Susanna Blunt. Her Majesty is seen looking to the right and showing off her exquisite jewelry, including the necklace and earing. Inscription indicating her name, denomination and year of mintage surround the Queen. As additional security, a background of a thin radial line originates from the center of the coin.

On the reverse of 1 oz Canadian Maple Leaf Gold coin, there is a depiction of a single, large, and extremely detailed maple leaf which is Canada’s national symbol. Walter Ott was the one who created this particular image. The iconic Maple leaf has adorned every coin in the series since 1979. The Maple leaf is located in the middle of the coin. Behind it, there is a secure background of radial outlines. This side also has a smaller maple leaf micro-engraved towards its bottom for extra security. The rim is adorned with inscriptions for purity, weight, country’s name and so on.

Main Highlights of Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin 1 oz

  • Contains 1 troy oz of .9999 pure gold.
  • Produced by the Royal Canadian Mint.
  • Eligible for Precious Metal IRAs.
  • Bears a face value of $50 CAN which is backed by the Canadian government.
  • Comes in protective packaging.
  • On the obverse, her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II is depicted in a right-facing profile.
  • Features the large, single maple leaf with the weight and purity of the gold coin on the reverse.
  • Three exclusive features provide cutting-edge security. They include precise radial lines,  Bullion DNA Anti-counterfeiting Technology and a Micro-engraved leaf.

Product Specifications: 1 oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin

Specification  Details
Brand  Royal Canadian Mint
Weight  1 troy oz
IRA Approved Yes
Purity .9999
Denomination $50
Thickness 2.8 mm
Diameter 30 mm
Made Canada

Why Buy These 1 oz Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins?

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins are widely traded on the world market, making them an extremely popular addition to any investor’s portfolio. As they are an attractive form of physical gold, Canadians are attracted to the relatively low premiums associated with the investment, making it an affordable method of acquiring wealth. This form of bullion coins also makes for a great gift idea, making it easy to purchase enough to give away on numerous occasions. One of the most impressive features of this bullion coin is that they are manufactured using only the best gold making sure that each unit is worth its weight in dollars.
One of the many benefits of investing in 1 oz Canadian Maple leaf gold coin is the fact that they are legal tender in Canada. Their popularity stems from the low mintage figures achieved for each coin, which ensures they maintain high value in the marketplace. Each one of these coins is considered to be an authorized international standard and their financial value is backed up by the Canadian government. Because of this, those who buy in bulk quantities to ensure they receive the full face value of the coin, allowing them to enjoy the gains these coins bring along with a secure investment.

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Are Canadian Gold Maple Leafs a good investment?

Canadian Gold Maple Leafs are a good investment as they are one of the purest gold coins on the market and they are highly valuable to collectors and investors. The demand for the Canadian Gold Maple Leafs are increasing which shows that the value of the Canadian Gold Maple leaf coin will increase in the nearby future.

How much is a 1 oz Canadian Gold Maple worth?

The legal tender value of a 1 oz Gold Canadian Maple Leaf is $50 Canadian dollars, but the market value far exceeds the tender value and is determined by the spot gold price.

Are there the fake 1 oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin?

Yeah, you can find the fake 1 oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin which seems similar to the real one but is made of lower quality gold.

How can you tell if a Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin is real?

As per the dealers, you can determine whether the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin is real or not by looking at the details present on the coin and the diameter of the coin. The real coin has better detailing than the counterfeit Canadian maple golds and the real Canadian maple gold leaf coins are smaller in diameter in comparison to fake Canadian gold maple leaf coins.

What does “OR“ mean in “1 OZ OR PUR” in a Canadian gold coin?

The “PUR“ refers to fine gold in the French language which is one of Canada’s official languages.

Where can I buy Canadian Gold Maples in the U.S.?

You can buy the Canadian Gold Maples in the US from the reputed Bullion dealers such as Bullion Trading LLC which offers Canadian Gold Maples at a premium over the spot price.

How much can I sell a Gold Maple Leaf for?

If you deal with a gold bullion dealer such as Bullion Trading LLC instead of the local pawn shop, you can roughly get 97-99% over the spot price for your gold maple leaf coin.

Is it legal to melt gold coins?

Yeah, it is legal to melt the gold coins as per your decision in the United States.