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The highly reputable Credit Suisse is a very large bullion seller in the international market founded over 150 years and is a symbol of excellent craftsmanship. Their Credit Suisse 1 oz Gold Bar is one of the precious metals popular among investors. Credit Suisse 1 oz gold bars contain gold that is .9999 pure and comes with a full ounce of gold in each bar. These bars are very valuable in terms of investment or savings of wealth in a physical form because they are easy to stack and store in a safe place. For this reason, these gold bars are beginning to fly off of the shelves, so to speak.

Each gold bar comes with a certification that matches the serial number on the bar to attest to its weight and purity. The bar is shipped to you in a tamper-evident package along with the Assay card ensuring the gold bar’s weight, and purity and features a unique serial number.

Design of 1 Oz Credit Suisse Gold Bars 

On the front side of the bar is the Credit Suisse emblem along with the amount of gold in the bar and the purity that has been ascertained and marked on the accompanying card. You will also see a mint mark that identifies the area in which the bar was made. 

On the reverse side of the bar is the “Credit Suisse” emblem in a repeated, diagonal pattern. Overall, this Credit Suisse one ounce fine gold is worth a significant amount of money and is a good investment option for those who would like to put their money in a safe form of currency.

Main Highlights of Credit Suisse Gold Bar 1 oz

  • Contains 1 oz of .9999 pure gold.
  • Eligible for Precious Metal IRAs.
  • Each individual bar is shipped along with an assay card
  • Features the Credit Suisse emblem with the weight and purity engraved along with a unique serial number, which matches the assay card on the front.
  • Features the Credit Suisse emblem in a repetitive diagonal paternal in the back.
  • Manufactured by the largest refines of Gold worldwide- Credit Suisse.

Product Specifications: 1 oz Credit Suisse Gold Bar

Specification  Details
Brand  Credit Suisse
IRA Approved Yes
Weight  1 troy oz
Purity .9999F
Thickness 1.66mm
Dimensions 41*24mm
Made Switzerland

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How can I check my Credit Suisse gold bar?

Individuals can check the authenticity of their credit sussie gold bar by typing the unique serial number present in the obverse of the gold bar into the credit suisse website.

Do all gold bars have serial numbers?

Gold Bars comes with the unique serial numbers stamped on it by the manufacturer. Not all but most of the gold bars above 1 oz of size has the serial numbers stamped on it which help individual to identify the bar when they inspect them.

Is Credit Suisse gold bar good?

You can buy Credit Suisse Gold bars with full confidence. It comes with a assay cards which provides verfifcation of the bar’s metal content and purity, while the individual serial numbers can slso be used to identify the bar if the authenticity comes on question. Finally, the name Credit Sussie may also provide comfort as it is considered to be one of finest bullion brand.

Can gold bars be traced?

A gold bar can be traced using the serial number imprinted upon it and linked to the refinery that made the gold bar.

Can I buy gold through my bank?

Yeah, You can buy gold through bank but buying gold through the bank requires you to visit the location physically and then transport your gold to a storage facility.