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It has long served as a wealth preserver and inflation hedge. With lower premiums over the spot price, gold bars are inexpensive products and easy choices for investors. Buyers can choose from a variety of sizes and designs. The major quantity of gold bars has a purity of 99.99% and include an assay card.


How much is a 1 oz gold bar worth in 2021?

Gold prices are updated every 60 seconds at Bullion Trading. All of our goods’ premium costs are determined by this. You’ll pay the difference between the gold spot price plus the merchant’s premium. You also need to consider that the gold IRA usually has higher fees than a conventional that only invests in securities, shares, and mutual funds.

What are the Popular 1 oz gold bar designs to buy?

Nothing beats the feeling of having pure gold bullion in your hands. Economists recommend that precious metals make up between 5 and 15% of investment portfolios. The 1 oz gold bar is an excellent way to invest in precious metals. Gold bars are a perfect way to display wealth quantity and prestige while also building an investment fund. Simply put, gold bars are less expensive ways to invest in gold because they deliver lower premiums over the spot price of gold. To give you an idea, here are some of the list of gold bar designs  you could choose.

1 oz gold bar designs

Different designs of 1 oz gold bar


  • PAMP Suisse Gold bars – These gold bars are produced using the highest Swiss engineering skills at a modern, state-of-the-art refinery. PAMP Suisse services some of the most popular bullion bars in the world. This 1 oz .9999 fine Gold bar features the iconic Lady Fortuna design. You also want to check the new detail and new design and of PAMP Suisse here.
  • Credit Suisse – is a major bullion seller in the international exchange, and they recently released a huge quantity of gold bars into the gold market. These contain 9999 pure gold and each bar contains one ounce of gold. These bars are extremely useful in terms of physical wealth investment or savings because these items are simple to stack and store in a secure location. As a result, these gold bars are starting to fly off the shelves, so to speak.
  • PAMP Suisse Lakshmi – This newly constructed PAMP Suisse Gold Bar is made in Switzerland and takes 1 oz of 999.9 percent fine gold. Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of riches, love, prosperity, and fortune, as well as the personification of beauty and fineness. Her four hands symbolize the four goals of human life that the Hindu way of life considers adequate – dharma, kama, artha, and moksha.
  • Random Design 1 oz Gold Bars – These are random gold bars with no assay card at an above-average price. It’s available in famous Johnson Matthey brands, Credit Suisse, Perth Mint etc.


How big are 1 oz gold bars?

1 oz gold bars are more accessible to store due to their smaller size. Don’t be worried if you don’t have much room in your home. 1 oz gold bars are convenient to store due to their small size. A 1 oz bar will even fit into your pocket. These bars are very narrow. You don’t need a particular room or a vast vault to store gold bars, contrary to popular belief. To give you a better idea, 50 one-ounce gold bars would easily fit into a standard desk drawer.


1 oz Bars Benefits

You will choose to have 1 ounce gold bar if you’re a major investor who needs to grow your investment portfolio. Several advantages here:

  • It’s easier to store due to its smaller size. It’s no issue if you don’t have a lot of room in your house. 1 oz gold bars are very easy to store items due to their small sizes. A one-ounce gold bar, for example, would comfortably fit in your pocket.
  • Easily accessible. Most mints have 1 oz gold bars in stock because they are easily the most appealing and sought-after gold bars on the exchange today. Furthermore, even refineries with a limited supply of gold bullion ensure that 1 oz gold  bars are available for purchase. Lower prices result from increased competition among refineries firms, which is excellent news for you, the precious metal investor.
  • Selling is a breeze. Because 1 oz gold bars are so liquid and popular on the market, they are effortless to sell especially if one has an assay card. As a result, whenever you’re ready to sell your 1 oz quality gold bars, you’ll still be able to find someone willing to buy them at a good resale value.


1 oz of gold contains how many grams?

1 oz is a mass unit used to measure the weight of quality precious metals such as gold, silver, rhodium, platinum, and palladium. 1 troy ounce of gold is 31.1 grams in gram equivalent. A single ounce of it is about the size of a small die. All of our good has a purity of 99.99% to give you only the purest quality.


Why should I invest in bullion bars rather than bullion coins this 2021?

Gold bars have some advantages for themselves when comparing gold bars to coins. The value of a certain quantity of gold bar can typically be very accurately measured, given that the equivalent weight and purity are written into the same metal, and its value is regulated by the live price of the gold spot.

This is a good way for those investors who want to invest simply in the value of it and not for their culture and historical tradition. As the value of it increases and falls, you will be able to monitor closely and demand a price low for the items being sold.

Gold coins come out on top for investors who appreciate their historical value. If you want yours to be more than just a financial investment or want to start a coin collection, this is the way to go. Two of the known are Canadian Maple Leaf and bald eagle.


What does an ounce of gold look like?

A troy ounce of gold is 31.1 grams (0.068 pounds) in weight. It’s about the same weight as a piece of biscuit. But, how does an ounce of gold appear? One troy oz of it is about the size of a small die in cube form. The majority of it, however, is sold in bars rather than cubes.

The troy ounce bars are the most commonly traded gold bullion bars worldwide. 1 oz gold bars has a width of 24mm (0.95 inches), a length of 42mm (1.65 inches), and a thickness of 2mm (0.08 inches). If you don’t have a ruler, that’s about the same size as a military dog tag, except a little heavier.

While that may seem to be a small sum, keep in mind that an ounce of gold is currently worth around $1,900, making this one expensive dog tag!


Are gold bars a good investment in 2021?

Physical gold is valuable because it is a finite, universal currency that is held by the majority of central banks. It should not be seen as an investment in and of itself, but rather as a form of rainy-day savings or financial insurance. It’s not a good idea to sell yours, especially if it has an assay card and you’ve got a quantity of it.


New to precious metals?

For a long time, gold and silver have been regarded as precious metals and coveted. Even today, precious metals have a place in the portfolio of a wise investor. But which precious metal is the safest to invest in? What makes them so volatile?

There are numerous ways to invest in precious metals as well as countless compelling reasons to do so. So, if you’re new to precious metals, check out our detailed guide by clicking on this link.


Where to Buy 1 oz Gold Bars

Online is the easiest place to buy 1 oz gold bars so that you will find lower prices. This is due to the fact that large dealers, such as Bullion Trading LLC, manage huge volumes and pass on volume savings to our clients. Besides, when you purchase online, you get transparent prices on each product 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our website’s product prices are updated every 60 seconds based on exchange  movements. Please contact us if you have any further questions about purchasing any of our range number of bullion products.


Why buy physical gold and silver from Bullion Trading?

You invest in assets that are above the volatile market when you buy valuable metals. Bullion may play an essential role in a modern portfolio, as they usually cover investors with insecurity, such as stocks and bonds, with other joint investments. For your investment plan, Gold and Silver would be a game-changer. You may check our customer reviews and see for yourself that at Bullion Trading, we give you only the best quality of gold. You can be confident that there will be no hidden charges and with 100% transparency when it comes to the price of our products.


How to contact us?

For a free one-on-one consultation about your overall financial goals, dial 1-212-997-2520. You can also enter your email address on our contact page to message us. If you want to order these precious metals, experienced Customer Service is available to answer your array of questions and assist you in selecting the best gold bars for your portfolio!


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How do I know when to invest in gold?

In many cases, gold is a better hedge against a financial crisis than it is against inflation. Its price tends to increase during periods of crisis. During years of high inflation, however, this is not always the case. If a financial crisis or recession is on the horizon, it may be a good idea to invest in it.

What is the best way to keep my bullion bars safe?

There are only three options to preserve it's excellent condition and quality: keep it at home, use a bank's safe deposit box, or pay a third-party storage company.

Do you do shipping?

No. You can check our range of gold products at bulliontradingllc.com, then you can visit our store when you decided to buy gold. For more information regarding this, please refer to our designated FAQ page.