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1 oz Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coin(Random Year)




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There are a variety of silver Canadian Maple Leaf coins that are valued as an investment opportunity and a great addition to a collection. One of the most valuable and often utilized coins on the market today is the 1 oz Silver Canadian Maple Leaf coin. The 1 oz Silver Canadian Maple Leaf coin is the official silver bullion coin of Canada and one of the purest coins ever to be minted in the entire world.

The remarkable Canadian Maple Silver coin is issued by the Canadian government is a yearly basis. The Royal Canadian Mint has minted these silver coins since 1988. The Canadian Maple leaf silver coin is a legal tender with a face value of $5 Canadian dollars.

Each of these 1 oz Canadian maple leaf silver coins comes with a troy ounce of .9999 pure silver. These silver maple leaf coins are worth very little, but they can be a great starting point for people who are just starting out with their investment portfolio. You can buy many of these silver maple leaf coins to use as a hedge, protect your wealth in physical form, and even have a liquid currency that you can take into any country. Overall, these coins are valuable and represent an opportunity to enter the market for precious metals.

Design of Canadian Silver Maple Leaf 1 oz Coin

They combine good design with value in every coin. The Canadian silver maple leaf 1 oz coin is well-made and intricately designed.

On the obverse side of the 1 oz Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coin, the depiction of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II can be seen. Queen Elizabeth II is the monarch over the commonwealth of Nations so naturally, she is included on the face of many currency coins. Along with noble Queen Elizabeth II, the coin denomination and the year that the coin was minted can also be seen on the obverse.

On the reverse side of the 1 oz Silver Canadian Maple Leaf Coin, the depiction of the iconic sugar maple leaf, along with engravings of the nation of issue, the coins purity, metal content, and weight.

Main Highlights of 1 oz Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coin

  • Contains 1 troy oz of .9999 fine silver
  • Manufactured by the Royal Canadian Mint.
  • Bears a face value of $5 backed by the federal government in Canada.
  • Eligible for Precious Metal IRAs.
  • The obverse features the noble Queen Elizabeth II along with the face value and coin year.
  • The reverse features the depiction of an iconic maple leaf along with the nation of issue, purity, metal content, and weight of the silver coin.

Product Specifications: Canadian 1 oz Maple Leaf Silver Coin

Brand  Royal Canadian Mint
Weight  1 troy oz
IRA Approved Yes
Purity .9999
Thickness 3.29 mm
Dimension 38 mm
Made Canada

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How can you tell if a Silver Maple Leaf coin is real?

You can detect whether the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin by checking whether the maple leaf has a highly polished finish on the genuine coin. The counterfeit coins have a matte finish.

Is it better to buy silver rounds or coins?

Although silver rounds and coins seem to be similar, there is enough difference to create trade-offs between these two forms of silver bullion. Usually, silver rounds carry a lower premium than that silver coins of the same weight and purity.

Where to purchase 1 oz Canadian Maple Leaf Silver coin?

You can purchase the 1 oz Canadian Maple Leaf Silver coin from the bullion dealers such as Bullion Trading LLC which offers the 1 oz Canadian Maple Leaf Silver coin at a premium price with a 100% authentic guarantee.

What do I need to know about buying silver coins?

You should consider these things before buying the silver coins: The reputation and expertise of your bullion dealer, Actual cost per ounce of precious metals, & Understand the extra fees involved