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1 Oz Silver Round - 1804 Liberty



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For people who are looking to add silver into their investment portfolio, one of the most popular ways to do so is buying 1 ounce 999 silver rounds. Each of these coins is based off of the incredibly rare 1804 silver dollar coin, possessing an ounce of exquisite .999 silver. From the perspective of an investor, buying silver rounds is a great idea for first buyers. Not only are these coins plentiful in terms of minting, but they are very easy to purchase and sell on the market. In short, keeping them as a physical investment is very simple to do with these coins.

On the obverse side of this particular coin, you will be treated to a gleaming portrait of Lady Liberty surrounded by thirteen stars. The reverse side of the coin features an eagle, ready for both peace and combat with olive branches and arrows. Overall, this coin is beautiful and valuable.

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