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1 Oz Silver Round - Indian Incuse



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Investing in a precious metal can be a rather daunting task for some people. That is why there are always some coins that have smaller amounts of the metals in them so that you can ease into the process while you build a portfolio and wait to see how the prices are holding at a given time. You may even just want to build your investment over a long period of time. That is why it is a good idea to check out the smaller denominations of precious metals in the coins. One of the best coins for this purpose is the silver Indian Head Round that has 1 troy ounce of silver in it and has a face value of $3.50. These coins are not expensive, but still can help you build your collection at a steady and safe rate or even make a great gift for members of your family.

The Obverse side of these coins features a Native American in full headdress as he looks off towards the west with a smile on his face. Above his head is the word LIBERTY, along with a star for each of the original colonies here in the United States. On the reverse side of this coin is a buffalo standing along in a field along with the weight and purity of the coin. Again, these coins are great for people that are rather new to silver investments.

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