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10 Gram Gold Bar - Credit Suisse (In Assay)



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Commonly referred to as “Credit Swiss” Gold Bars, are known and accepted worldwide. Swiss gold bars are made of the purest gold bullion and are favorites with gold bar collectors and gold investors.

Credit Suisse gold bars are 24 karat gold purity. The exact purity and weight are stamped on each gold bar.

Specialists are certified by the Swiss government to inspect and assess every PAMP Suisse 10 gram gold bar produced. A special assayer certifies the PAMP Suisse 10 gram gold bar and swears to the genuineness of the product. Each gold bar has a notion pressed into the obverse side confirming that it has been tested for its purity. The tested marking appears directly beneath the registration and serial number. These gold bars are controlled by the department that regulates precious metals in the country. Attractive design and purity confirmed by a famous refinery name make these gold bars a perfect addition to any investment portfolio. These gold bars are recognized all over the world and don’t lose their value as the time goes. These gold bars have higher rates in the market than the gold bars produced by less known brands. So those who decide to invest into Credit Suisse gold bars may feel secure about their future. Make a perfect investment with a quality product provided by BullionTrading.


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