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10 Gram PAMP Suisse Gold Bar - Lakshmi(In Assay)




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10 Gram PAMP Suisse Gold Bar – Lakshmi is the latest religious series released by the highly acclaimed brand, PAMP Suisse in the honors of the Hindu religion which nearly has 1.25 billion followers around the world. PAMP Suisse or Produits Artistiques Metaux Precieux (Artistic, Precious Metal Products) is one of the world’s leading precious metal refiners and one of the most trusted and certified precious metal refiners and fabricators. This gold bar is not only an exquisite gold bar but it also happens to be a very convenient item that can be easily carried around and hence it is suitable for every occasion and purpose.

The Lakshmi Gold Bar is one of five that has been released as part of the PAMP Suisse Gold religious series, each one featuring a different religious figure, monument, or emblem. This newly designed PAMP Suisse Gold Bar contains 10 grams of 999.9% fine Gold. Each Gold Bar is uniquely registered and packed in a protective case, with an official “Assay Certificate” certifying the item’s purity, weight, and gold content.

Design of 10 Gram PAMP Suisse Lakshmi Gold Bar

The obverse side of these 10 Gram gold bars features the Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, love, prosperity, fortune, and the embodiment of beauty. Her four hands stand for dharma, kama, artha, and moksha, the four aims of human life considered fitting in the Hindu way of life. Archaeological finds and ancient coinage indicate that the goddess Lakshmi was honored and revered. Lakshmi’s iconography and statues have been discovered in Hindu temples throughout Southeast Asia, dating from the second millennium AD. Lakshmi is today worshipped as the goddess of wealth. In her honor, the holidays of Diwali and Sharad Purnima are observed. The rendering of Hindu Goddess Lakshmi is depicted with diagonal lines behind her.

The reverse side of these 10 Gram PAMP Suisse gold bar features the company’s unique PAMP emblem which consists of the words “PAMP” inscribed inside a 4 small circle followed by the term “Suisse” just beneath it. The other labels on the reverse of the bar include the weight, purity, metal content, assayers mark, and unique serial number arranged in a vertical order . The serial number consists of a combination of numbers and characters.

Main Highlight of 10 Gram PAMP Suisse Gold Bar – Lakshmi

  • Contains 10 gram(0.3215 oz) of .9999 fine gold.
  • Produced by the leading swiss metal refiner, PAMP Suisse.
  • Each Gold bar comes with its own original assay card for authentication.
  • Features the rendering of Hindu Goddess Lakshmi with a diagonal line behind her on the obverse.
  • Features the PAMP Suisse emblem along with the weight, metal content, purity, assayers mark, and unique serial number on the reverse.
  • Each of the gold bars are individually serialized.

Design of 10 Gram Gold Bar – PAMP Suisse Lakshmi 

Specification  Details
Brand  PAMP Suisse
Weight  10 gram(0.3215 oz)
Purity .9999
Thickness 1.66 mm
Diameter 15.8*26.5 mm
Made Switzerland

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