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10 gram Silver Bar - PAMP Suisse Lakshmi (In Assay)


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Pamp Suisse, one of the most reputable gold product manufacturers in the world, has increased their gold bar repertoire with a new series. Departing from the well-known Lady Fortuna, Pamp Suisse introduces a series that gives respect to many religions. Each bar represents a religion, whether it’s a symbol or a portrait, for several different regions. Pamp Suisse is known for excellently packaging their products, each bar is sealed in an assay card that not only protects the bar but also lists the bar’s information such as serial number, purity, etc. Although, the bar itself also contains its authenticity information, such as one ounce .999 pure silver, it is recommended not to remove the bar from its assay card unless you don’t wish to sell it. A beautiful woman graces the face of this one ounce silver bar: Lakshmi. She is one of many gods and goddesses in the Hindu religion. She is a beautiful goddess who symbolizes prosperity, wealth, love, and the manifestation of beauty. The goddess contains four hands, each representing goals to be attained in human life: dharma, kama, artha, and moksha. Each of these concepts cannot be translated into single word translations, since they are more ideas than actual things. All of these are goals that are to be sought after without sacrificing the other three goals. Lakshmi is elegantly illustrated on the Pamp Suisse one ounce bar, with all four arms intact, and she is placed in a Lotus flower. The goddess is usually presented with the Lotus, a flower that can bloom in any kind of condition, a wise word that something beautiful can grow out of any circumstance. The Pamp Suisse one ounce bar is guaranteed to be pure silver and is molded into a clean-cut bar that is packaged in its assay card. Step up your silver investment and collect the new Pamp Suisse bars!

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Pamp Suisse launches a collection that pays homage to many religions, departing from the well-known Lady Fortuna. Each bar represents a religion for various distinct regions, whether it’s a symbol or a face. Pamp Suisse is noted for its superb packaging; each bar is wrapped in an assay card that not only protects the bar but also contains information about it, such as the serial number.


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