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The Generic 10 oz Platinum Bar .9995 Fine(Secondary Market) may have random brands, but the weight and the purity of the platinum bars are guaranteed to make them great for investors looking to increase their precious metal portfolios. Each of the platinum bars is individually tested to make sure that you will receive only high-quality platinum bars. Buying Platinum Bars from the secondary market may be a great option as the price will be lower than that of the new bars. However, being a secondary market means that the conditions can vary from perfect to slight or moderate tears.

Platinum is considered the rarest metal in the world. A limited amount of platinum is mined and refined every year due to its rarity.

Each of the platinum bars is made up of 10 troy ounces of .9995 fine platinum and comes in sealed plastic.

Main Highlights of 10 oz Platinum Bar- Secondary Market

Contains 10 troy oz of .999+ fine platinum.

Can vary from perfect, slight, or moderate wear.

Individual platinum bars are presented in sealed plastic.

The obverse and reverse design of platinum bars depends on our available inventory

The brand will be chosen randomly based on the availability in the inventory.

Product Specifications: 10 oz Generic Platinum Bar .9995 Fine(Secondary Market)

Specification  Details
Brand  Varies
Weight  10 troy oz
Condition Secondary Market
IRA Approved Yes
Purity .9995
Thickness Varies
Dimension Varies
Made Varies

Why Should You Buy These Platinum Bars?

You should consider buying these platinum bars for the following reasons:

  • They are an affordable option for your investment portfolio.
  • You can find unique products which are rare in the secondary market.
  • These platinum bars are guaranteed to come from well-known and reputable mints brands.

Also, consider buying the premium 10 oz Credit Suisse platinum bar.

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What is so special about Platinum?

Platinum is the heaviest among the precious metals weighing twice as much as karat gold. Platinum is the least reactive metal and has very high boiling points which makes it very useful.

Is it suitable to buy platinum coins or bars?

Rounds are simple to handle and store, and are designed to look like sought-after historic coins. Bars are better for buyers who want to build assets quickly, but they also have elegant designs for collectors who want to keep them on display.

Does platinum stick to a magnet?

No, the platinum doesn’t stick to a magnet. If the platinum attracts the magnet, you must it must be an alloy mixture and it is not real platinum.

Will platinum scratch?

Platinum is not among the hardest metal. It has 4-4.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This means that the platinum can be scratched by anything harder than it is. A diamond that has 10 MOHs can easily scratch the platinum.