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100 Gram Secondary Market Gold Bars


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100 Gram Secondary market Gold Bars that have been traded back and forth between banks and investors, provide an easy way for investors to get more physical gold at prices close to spot value. Secondary Market gold bars are bars that have been traded and re-traded many times.

These 100 Grams Gold Bars are an easy way for investors new and old to add gold bullion to their portfolios or collections without having to pay ‘dealer premiums’ or ‘numismatic premiums’. 100 Grams Secondary Market Gold Bars can be found at relatively low premiums over the spot in comparison with other products like coins and 100-ounce bars, and they’re 100 grams!

All 100 Grams Secondary Market Gold Bars are 100% 24 karat gold with a fineness of .9999 and are produced to exacting standards by major mints. We carry a diverse mix of gold bars from many manufacturers including PAMP Suisse, Metalor, Ohio Precious Metals, Johnson Matthey, and other similar renowned manufacturers.

These secondary market 100-gram gold bars may have has some dings, scratches, and/or handling marks, but at these low prices, you can’t beat them for a hedge against inflation or other short-term investment needs. All weights and measurements are approximate as each bar is weighed several times to make sure you get 100.0 grams

All 100 Gram Secondary Market gold bars come as shown in pictures of actual items, which you will receive when they are available. When available, you may also receive all of one brand or a mix depending on the selection from our inventory

Design of 100 Gram Secondary Market Gold Bars

Each bar is individually stamped with its weight, purity, name of bar producer, and serial number. You will receive one random 100-gram gold bar.

Based on the availability of 100 Gram Gold Bars in our inventory, the mint and design of the gold bar will be randomly selected. There may be varying designs in the order of multiple gold bars.

Main Highlights of 100 Gram Gold Bars – Secondary Market

  • Contains 100 Gram(3.215 troy oz) of .9999 fine gold.
  • Each gold bar comes in protective plastic packaging.
  • It May or may not contain an assay card.
  • Obverse and reverse designs vary depending upon the gold bar you receive.
  • Design, brand, and condition may vary based on the availability of our inventory.

Product Specifications:  100 Gram Gold Secondary Market Bar

Specification  Details
Brand  Varies
Weight  100 Gram(3.215 troy oz)
Purity .9999
Thickness Varies
Dimension Varies
Made Varies

Why Buy these 100 Gram Secondary Market Gold Bars?

When you buy 100-gram secondary market gold bars, you get an incredible value! Due to the demand for many-gram gold bars, most of the larger 100-gram secondary market bar manufacturers offer a much lower premium on them than other sizes. Secondary markets are the perfect place for people to begin building their precious metal portfolios as they contain great value and are available in smaller sizes and more accessible for smaller budgets. Buying Secondary Market Gold Bars come with its own set of advantages that some may prefer over buying other products. Secondary markets give investors an easy way to obtain gold at very close to or below the spot price (at times).

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