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100 Oz Pure Silver Bullet




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The 100 oz Silver Bullion Bullet (.45 Caliber ACP) is purely decorative and has not been manufactured to be fired from a weapon. Each silver bullet is made from .999 pure silver and weighs one troy ounce. Though you can’t aim and fire this bullet from a gun, you can certainly use it to target some financial and investment goals. Precious silver has long been viewed as a first-rate investment in tangible assets and a great way to diversify your wealth.

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This 100 oz silver bullet is a purely decorative product and shouldn’t be used as an actual bullet to fire from a gun. This bullet can instead be used to achieve your financial and investment goals. Buying this bullet will be an effective way to diversify your wealth. 

Main Features of This 100Oz Silver Bullet

This is a silver bullet that is .999 pure. These pure silver bullets weigh exactly 100 troy ounces. Since it is a bullion product, there might be some scratches and dents in the product. But, that doesn’t mean the product is defective. The overall quality of the product remains the same.

The design of the 100 Oz silver bullet is based on the 30 mm autocannon ammunition. The bullets of this design have been around since World War 2. You can find this type of bullet mounted in attack helicopters, attack aircrafts and many types of military vehicles.

Why Buy The 100 Oz Silver Bullet

This can be a symbolic purchase for people supporting gun rights. This can also be a great gift for people who love guns.This can be used for decoration of a place.

Most importantly, it is a great investment. The value of silver will go up with time. With that, the value of this bullet will also go up. This is a very durable bullet. You are unlikely to lose your money when you buy this product.

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