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1981 US Assay Office Silver Coin - 1 Oz Silver Round


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The 1981 US assay office silver coin interesting silver coin. It is available for purchase in our store.

This US assay office silver was released in 1981 in order to counter the moves made by hunt brothers to drive up the price of silver. At that time, the Defence Logistics Agency had a large quantity of stockpile silver. Meanwhile, hunt brothers were hoarding silver trade units. This allowed them to set artificial prices for silver. 

At the beginning of 1981, the silver market was dealt a serious blow. The rising price of silver and global recession significantly decreased the investment demand for silver. This caused a decline in demand for industrial silver.

So, the United States assay office had to flood the market with the stockpiled silver in order to bring the prices down. The 1 oz silver bullion released by the assay office has 0.999 purity and is still available in the market. They are not commonly found in the market. The US essay office was abolished before 1981. 

Design of This 1981 Silver Coin

The design of the USA assay silver coin reflects the era that it was unveiled in. The silver bullion has a vintage look to it. The design doesn’t look super polished.

The reverse of the coin specifies that the coin was formerly stored in a U.S. assay office with the inscription “FORMERLY STORED AT U.S. ASSAY OFFICE” in the middle. Just below that inscription, you can see the term “San Francisco”. This specifies that the coin was minted in San Francisco. The term “MINTED FROM U.S. STRATEGIC STOCKPILE SILVER” arches around the rim of the coin. The given term is enclosed by stars. Between those stars, you can see the term “1981”. This specifies that the coin was originally released in 1981.

The obverse of the coin features details about the coins like .999 purity, 1 troy ounce, e.t.c. around the rim. The middle of the obverse features Eagle just below the US flag. 

Main Highlights of US Assay Office Silver Coin, 1981

  • Has storied history and is not commonly found in the market.
  • Each round comes with protective packaging.
  • Trustworthy silver content because of the office that issued it.
  • The price of the coin is bound to increase with time

Product Specifications: 1981 US Assay Office Silver Coin


Specification Detail
Condition Previously Used
Brand US Assay Office
Categorized Weight 1 Oz
Actual Gross Weight 1 Troy Oz ( 31.103 Grams )
Thickness 3 mm
Diameter 40  mm
Purity .999
Minted In San Francisco

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Weight 1 kg


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What is the difference between a coin and a round?

Coins are either minted or issued by governmental entities. But, rounds are usually minted by private firms. Coins are legal tender but rounds aren’t

Who manufactured the 1981 US assay office silver coins?

1981 US assay office silver coins were manufactured by continental coin & jewelry company. There is a common misconception that these coins were minted by the U.S. mint.

How to know if a silver coin is counterfeit?

Silver has very week magnetic effects. So, if a silver coin shows a strong magnetic effect then it is a counterfeit.

How can you determine the purity of a silver coin?

You can determine the exact purity of silver coins by using the XRF machine. The device measures the secondary X rays emitted from the silver sample to determine the purity of a silver coin.

Should I buy silver bars or coins?

Silver coins are great collectibles. But, silver bars usually aren’t. Silver coins can be used for investment.

How to determine if a silver coin is a silver trade unit or not?

A silver coin that doesn’t have any actual currency value can be used as a silver trade unit.