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5 Gram PAMP Suisse Fender Sterling Silver Guitar Pick


World’s first official licensed Fender silver playable guitar pick!

5 grams of sterling silver

Play like a rock star or display it proudly with your music collection

Adds a brighter sound to guitar riffs than picks made from other materials

Custom Plastic capsule for storage and protection when not in use

Housed in special presentation box with display window

Produced by PAMP SA

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5 Gram Fender Sterling Silver Guitar Pick is the world’s first official licensed silver fender guitar pick which can be used by the musician to strike the strings of the guitar. 5 Gram Sterling Silver Guitar Pick is strucked by the world’s leading refiner PAMP Suisse and is officially licensed by “Fender Products”. The Fender Sterling Guitar Pick is one of the famous musical instruments as the guitar itself and this instrument alone commands a premium price tag, more so since its production is very special and its scarcity is also unique. The Sterling Silver Guitar Pick is one of the rare instruments and hence very valuable, being only manufactured in limited quantities.

Each Silver Fender Guitar Pick is struck with sterling silver, which means that it made up of .925(92.5%) fine silver making it one of the precious musical instruments. Guitar picks are used to alter the sound of music played on the guitar, with the size, shape, and thickness of the pick all influencing the final sound.

The weight of the fender sterling silver guitar pick makes it very comfortable for the musician to use. On the other hand, the pick’s weight as well as the material from which it is made to make it a unique instrument in that it is rather unique in having its own distinctive sound. For instance, when you pluck the strings of the guitar using the sterling silver guitar pick that is made of sterling silver, you will notice a distinctive sound that differs from the sound of a wooden or plastic guitar pick.

Design of 5 Gram PAMP Suisse Fender Sterling Silver Guitar Pick

The obverse of the Fender Sterling Silver Guitar Pick is a replica of the classic 351 Shape Classic Extra Heavy Fender guitar pick. The obverse of the Sterling Silver Guitar Pick features the depiction of the Fender Company logo over a wavelength-pattern background followed by the word “EXTRA HEAVY”.

The reverse of the Fender Sterling Silver Guitar Pick features the depiction of the PAMP Logo which incorporates the letters PAMP inscribed inside four small circles. Other labels on the reverse of the Fender Guitar pick include the year of mintage, purity, and metal content.

Main Highlights of 5 Gram PAMP Suisse Sterling Silver Playable Fender Guitar Pick

  • Contains 5 gram of .925 sterling silver.
  • Produced by the PAMP Sussie
  • Proof-like finish!
  • Each individual pieces come in a custom capsule and a Fender-themed shipper!
  • Features the depiction of Fender Company Logo “Fender” and the word “EXTRA HEAVY” on the obverse.
  • Features the PAMP Suisse logo along with weight, purity, and metal content on the reverse.
  • Specially made for use on guitars.

Product Specifications: 5 Gram Silver Sterling Fender Guitar Pick

Specification  Details
Brand  PAMP Suisse
Weight  5 gram
Purity .9999
Thickness N/A
Dimension 25*30 mm
Made Switzerland

All these commemorative sterling silver guitar picks are extremely collectible and can be worth a great deal of money if they are preserved in pristine conditions. Add this 5 gram Fender Sterling Silver Guitar Pick to your cart today!

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