5 oz Gold Bar – PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna (In Assay)


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PAMP Suisse has come out with another one of the most valuable and artistic creations in terms of bars of gold. This one features Lady Fortuna, the goddess of wealth and fortune. The obverse side of the coin has a full bust of Lady Fortuna holding a cornucopia which is a sign of plentiful harvests and wealth. There is truly no better symbol for the gold investment you are making than these. The reverse side of the coin shows the weight, purity, and the unique serial number that is associated with the bar to show that it is real and that the information is correct. Each one of these bars has five troy ounces of gold at an ultra high .9999 purity, making it one of the best investment ideas that has ever been produced by the Pamp company. With the gold that is in each one of these bars, you will have over a thousand dollars worth of an investment in gold. This can be used as a hedge against inflation, for safe keeping of your money, or a means of having a form of buying currency anywhere in the world.





You’ll recognize the lovely lady on the front as Lady Fortuna, the Roman goddess of luck, chance, and fortune. This bar is unique and special for a few reasons, and the lady’s presence is certainly one of them. The design is one of the more stunning to ever find its way onto an ingot, and the entire world is taking a preferential attitude towards its appearance. The bar itself comes from PAMP in Switzerland, who have some of the highest standards (and one of the most impressive facilities in the world) for transparency and authenticity in the entire gold industry. They’ve held that distinction for over 35 years, having started producing some of the world’s finest bars and ingots as early as 1977. One of the other top-notch qualities of this bar is that it features world-beating Veriscan technology. If you’re not sure what that is, no worries — it’s basically a serialization technology that ensures each of those 9’s printed on the front aren’t just for show. By giving open access to the Veriscan database, customers themselves are easily able to verify the authenticity of these bars. What about the specs? – First noteworthy detail — she’s five-nines-fine. This bar is as pure as you’re ever going to find anywhere on Earth. – As mentioned, the front (or obverse) of the coin features a breathtaking depiction of Lady Fortuna, the ancient Roman goddess of luck. – On the tail (or reverse side) of the ingot, the weight, purity, and unique serial number for your use with the Veriscan database are printed. – Weighs 5 oz. – Comes with its original assay card, which verifies the origin of the bar.

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