5 oz Italpreziosi Silver Cast Bar


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Investors who are just concerned with the silver content of the bullion bars they are buying sometimes choose to buy cast silver bars. One of Italy’s top refiners of gold and silver bullion, Italpreziosi offers both high quality bars and minted ingots. You can now buy a 5 oz Italpreziosi Silver Cast Bar from Bullion Trading LLC.

This magnificent 5 oz Italian silver cast bar was created by Italpreziosi, an Italian precious metals refiner based in Arezzo. Italpreziosi regularly provides sovereign mints with coin blanks and can also produce unique medals and coins for any event. Additionally, Italpreziosi is a refiner authorized by the LBMA, and all of its bars are Good Delivery guaranteed. This refiner used 5 troy oz of.999 pure silver to make this cast silver bar, and each one is individually serialized for further security. This 5 oz Italpreziosi Italian Silver Cast Bar is 999 Fine (w/Assay) and is perfect if you want to diversify your collection with European or Italian silver bars.

Design of Italpreziosi Silver Cast Bar 5 oz

5 oz Italpreziosi Silver Cast Bars include inscriptions that are positioned vertically down the field in portrait orientation. The bars are marked with the Italpreziosi insignia at the top and the weight, purity, and metal content below. In most instances, a two-letter, five-number code is engraved at the bottom of the field along with a unique serial number.

The 5 oz Italpreziosi Cast Silver Bar’s reverse side is left blank. It is typical for silver cast bars to only have writing on one face. In the reverse field, you might discover various natural striations and other textures. Please be aware that there may be slight flaws in cast silver bars; nevertheless, this is not a guarantee. Cast silver bars are not polished after manufacture, in contrast to coined ingots.

Main Highlights of Italpreziosi 5 oz Silver Cast Bar

  • Contains 5 troy oz of .999 fine silver
  • Silver Cast bar
  • Produced by Italpreziosi, an LBMA-accredited refinery
  • Individually serialized
  • Front: Features the Italpreziosi logo with other inscriptions like: “ITALpreziosi”, “ITALY”, “5 oz”, “FINE SILVER”, “999.0”, and the serial number.
  • Back: Blank as all cast bars

Product Specifications: 5 oz Silver Cast Bar Italpreziosi

Specification Details
Brand Italpreziosi
Weight 5 troy ounce(155.517 gms)
Purity .999
Thickness 9.5 mm
Edge Design Smooth
Diameter 57.6 x30.2 x9.5 mm
Made Italy

Why Buy Silver Cast Bar 5 oz Italpreziosi?

5 oz Italpreziosi Silver Cast Bar is a fantastic Italian silver bar for any type of silver stacker. This cast bar can successfully satiate your needs whether you want to purchase silver bullion as an investment strategy or just to add something to your collection. If you have any further questions regarding the 5 oz Italpreziosi Cast Silver Bar or any other precious metals contact Bullion Trading LLC directly through phone or email us directly.

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Is the 5 oz Italpreziosi Silver Cast Bar a good investment?

Yes, the 5 oz Italpreziosi Silver Cast Bar is a good investment. In the sector of precious metals, Italpreziosi is renowned for producing high-quality bars and ingots. Regarding, historically, silver’s price has held its value and continues to be one of the finest strategies to protect your investments.

Why should I buy silver bars?

Silver can help you diversify your portfolio as an investment. Silver also acts as an inflation hedge, which is another benefit. It has intrinsic value that dollars and other currencies lack since it is a physical asset. Additionally, silver has value over the long term and performs well when interest rates are low.