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5 oz PAMP Suisse Gold Bar - Lady Fortuna ( In Assay )




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PAMP Suisse‘s Lady Fortuna lineup features some impressive products. This 5 Oz PAMP Suisse gold bar is one of them which showcases the world-famous Fortuna design. PAMP Suisse is known to only produce high-quality bullion products.

The 5 Oz Pamp Suisse Lady Fortuna gold bar is great for investment. This artistic precious metal with a Fortuna design has great value in the secondary market. This is due to the unique features present in this 5 oz gold bar that allows for easy verification of the bar’s origin.

Design of 5 oz Lady Fortuna Gold Bar by PAMP Suisse

Like the name of the gold bar suggests, the image of the goddess of fortune in Roman religion is present in this 5 ounce gold bar. The image of the roman goddess of fortune is the only design present on one of the sides. The image of the goddess of fortune is displayed sideways in this gold bar.

On the other side, details about the gold bar are written. The weight and purity of the bar are inscribed on this side alongside the name of the manufacturer. While the word Suisse is written in a normal style, the word PAMP is not written normally. The word ‘assayer founder’ appears in the swiss national language as an assayer mark near the bottom. Below that, every bar features a unique serial number for every gold bar. 

This rectangular gold bar comes with slightly round edges.

Main Highlights of 5 oz PAMP Suisse Gold Bar Lady Fortuna 

  • The purity level of the gold present in the bar is .999.
  • Tamper-evident assay card comes with the gold bar.
  • The bar comes in a protective case.
  • It is minted by PAMP Suisse.
  • Every one of these PAMP Suisse gold bars has a unique serial number and certificate of authenticity.
  • The Versican technology present in the gold bar will help you to determine the authenticity of these precious metals easily. This technology uses microscopic topography to identify products that are registered in the Veriscan database.
  • Is IRA approved

Product Specifications: 5 Oz PAMP Suisse Gold Bar – Lady Fortuna 

Specification Detail
Condition Mint
Brand PAMP Suisse
Categorized Weight 5 Oz
Actual Gross Weight 5 Troy Oz ( 155.5 grams )
Thickness 3.86 mm
Height 60 mm
Width 35 mm
Design Rectangular With Smooth Edges
IRA Approved Yes

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Why is PAMP gold more expensive?

PAMP Suisse is a reputable brand and a trusted refiner. Their gold bars come with an assay card. PAMP gold bars also use Veriscan technology that helps buyers verify the authenticity of PAMP products. That's why PAMP gold is more expensive.

What is the best brand of gold bar to buy?

PAMP Suisse, Perth Mint, Credit Suisse, and Metalor are some best brands for a gold bar.

Is .999 gold Same as 24K gold?

In a practical sense, there is no difference between the .999 gold bar and 24K gold. The gold being sold as a .999 fine is 24K gold.

Will the value 5 oz PAMP Suisse Gold Bar increase in near future?

The price of a 5 oz PAMP Suisse gold bar is likely to increase in the future. That's because the price of gold has been steadily increasing and is expected to increase in the future. Plus, there is no sign that trust in PAMP Suisse products will decrease anytime soon.

What is the best time to invest in gold?

Now is the best time to invest in gold. Waiting to invest in gold is never a good idea.

What is the main selling point of the 5 oz PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna gold bar?

The PAMP Suisse brand name will always attract buyers. But, the veriscan technology used in the gold bar is also a great selling point.

Where can I buy gold bars in NYC?

Bullion Trading LLC is the best place to buy gold bars in NYC.

How much gold can a person legally own?

Currently, there is no limit to how much gold you can legally own in the US. The limit placed by FDR in 1933 was reversed by Gerald Ford in 1974.

Do you have to pay taxes when selling gold?

You'll have to pay taxes when selling gold if you make a profit while doing so. The tax rate for investment golds and gold collectibles is different.

Are sales of gold bars reported to IRS?

Not all sales of gold bars need to be reported to IRS. But, all large sales need to be reported.