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British Sovereign Gold Coin



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Today’s sovereigns are minted to the same specifications and dimensions, as well as chemical makeup, as many of the original sovereigns. Much about the coin has changed throughout the years, but it’s markup on a jeweler’s scale is roughly the same. This makes identifying them relatively easy with the proper equipment (to a degree). It’s also easy to determine the spot value of the sovereign at any given time. This excludes any additional value a coin may have due to rarity, age, etc. The dimensions for all sovereigns minted since 1817 are as follows. Per the act of 1816 (56 George III chapter 68), they must be: – 7.988052 g / 7.98805 g weight after 1971 – 1.52 mm thick – 22.05 mm in diameter – 22 carat fineness – 7.322381 g or 1320/5607 troy ounces. Older coins may fall below this standard due to abrasion and handling. The alloys used in the production of sovereigns (alongside gold) are used to harden the coins and make them easier to handle, and more resistant to corrosion. This allows them to circulate for a long time, and the formula has rarely changed throughout history. Australian-made sovereigns have slightly different chemical compositions, using slightly more silver than coins minted at other locations. Similarly, some of the London-made sovereigns are more yellow in appearance than other coins thanks to their different chemical makeup


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