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Hungary Gold 20 Korona



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Way back when the Austro-Hungarian Empire was still an official nation, these coins were struck. They have a rich history attached to them, and they have survived recessions and world wars alike. These gold coins were struck between 1892 and 1915, and have been saved ever since. However, there has been a moderate influx of these coins on the gold market in recent years. Each one of these 20 Korona coins has .1960 troy ounces of gold and a purity of .900, and usually come in mint condition from being uncirculated. While they have been incredible attractive for collectors of old and fine coins, they have also garnered the attention of investors who want to use the valuable gold as a means of investing their money into a valuable, versatile commodity.

Each one of these coins features the illustrious image of a standing and regal Emperor Joseph Franz, who ruled the united empire and was seen as a just leader. This side of the coin also shows the year that the coin was struck. The reverse side of the coin shows angels embracing the Hapsburg coat of arms, the coin’s denomination, and bears the mark of the mint in which it was struck. So if you are an investor who is looking to add value and class to your collection, this is a wonderful place to start.


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