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Mexican 50.00 Pesos Gold Coin



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You are looking at one of the most beautifully designed gold coins of Mexico. This gold coin was minted in 1947, only a few high grade coins have survived for collectors. Many of these Key and Semi key dates have survived the bullion melts of past years. The 50 Pesos gold coin has 90% fine gold of 1.2057 oz. of pure gold. This gold coin has a double edge value of a very low mintage and gold bullion value.

The obverse has Mexican Eagle the wings displayed in a battle attitude; with the tail feathers arranged in a natural fan. It puts its left grasp on a bloomed nopal that is born in a rock that emerges from a lake. It is grasping with the right grasp and the beak a curved serpent. Several “pencas” of the nopal grow to the sides. Two branches, one of encino to the front of the eagle and another one of laurel opposed, form a lower semicircle and they are united by a ribbon with the Spanish legend ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS, Mexican United States around the top. The reverse has Liberty with the denomination 50 PESOS to the right, the gold content 37.5 ORO PURO, 37.5 grams of pure gold, and the dates 1821 to the left and 1927 to the right.


The coins that are most commonly collected are the gold Onza coin, the gold Libertad and the gold 50 Pesos coins.

The 50 Pesos coin amongst the rest of these coins can be obtained the most easily. The reason is that it was produced in great numbers. Each year it was minted over a million coins.  They were one of the some ways to own gold bullion coins before Krugerrands came on the market. And the last they were issued with a date of 1947. And since of that date a lot of restrikes have been made. The head side depicts the National Arms or coat of arms of Mexico (an eagle on a cactus, eating a snake). And  the back side depicts Winged Victory. Value and weight are stamped beside. The weight of this gold coin is 41.67g (1.34oz).


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