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Silver Peace Dollars(Random Year)


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The peace dollars are apart of the United States coinage program. The Silver Peace dollars are an example of a precious metal in the US, which has no double entendre. The Peace Silver dollars were minted the time period between minted 1921-1928 and again from 1934-1935 by the United States Mint. 

These dollar coins were initially designed just in the time for the celebration of World War I when America entered the First World War. These Silver Peace dollar coins were initially issued as a commemoration of the world following World War I.

The world found itself devastated following World War I, so the US Mint decided that it would be proper if they were to release a new coin that was designed to celebrate and embrace the hard-won peace. This novel concept along with the necessity of new silver coins to be minted led to the Silver Peace dollar coin from US Mints. 

Each coin has .77344 troy ounces of .900 pure silver, which makes it a somewhat valuable coin simply in terms of the amount of precious metal that is within. The Silver Peace Dollars will be chosen based on availability on our inventory and the mint dates may vary when order multiple of it.

Design of Silver Peace Dollars

Designed by Anthony De Francisci, these peace dollars were the competition for designs emblematic of peace throughout the world. Peace silver dollars were often made available to the military and their families.

The Silver Peace Dollar coin features a very solemn-looking left profile of  Lady Liberty on the obverse side, along with the word “Liberty”, “IN GOD WE TRUST” and the year that the coin was minted. 

On the reverse side of the peace, dollars features a bald American eagle that is resting on rocks with an olive branch on its talons, with a beam of sunlight straying through the clouds, along with the word PEACE. The inscription of the words “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”, “E. PLURIBUS UNUM”, and the phrase “ONE DOLLAR.” can be seen on the reverse side of these peace dollars. While collectors tend to flock to this coin because of its beauty and historical significance, it is also a great coin for investors.

Main Highlights of Silver Liberty Peace Dollar

  • Contains .77344 troy oz of .999 fine silver.
  • Manufactured by the US Mint 
  • Each Peace Dollars comes in protective plastic flips.
  • Features the solemn-looking Lady Liberty on the obverse.
  • Features a bald American eagle resting on a rock with an olive branch on its talon on the reverse.
  • Almost Uncirculated conditions

Product Specifications: Silver Peace Dollars

Specification  Details
Brand  US Mint
Weight  0.77344
Purity .999
Thickness 3.1 mm
Diameter 38.1 mm
Made United States

You can use the silver in these coins in order to buy into a silver investment portfolio or to supplement an existing one that just needs a little more diversity. Either way, this coin is the perfect marriage of value and design and can be enjoyed by collectors and investors alike.

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