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As the only self-service buyback tool in the industry, Bullion Trading takes great pride in offering it. That’s right, you can lock in your price online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without ever having to speak to our buyback experts.

The process is very straightforward. Start by logging in to your Bullion trading account or by creating a new account by clicking here. When you’re ready, click the button below and you’ll be taken to a new page where you can select the product(s) you’d like to sell, enter the quantity, and fill out your contact information to complete the sale order.

Prefer to sell over the phone? No problem
* Please note our minimum purchase amount is $1,000.

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Why Sell to Bullion Trading LLC?

Trusted Leader

We purchase tens of millions in product from our customers each month.

Transparent Pricing

Our buyback prices are clearly published on the website for a majority of our most popular products.

Transparent Pricing

We continually update our prices based on current market conditions.

Easy Shipping

We provide UPS shipping labels, and you can drop off your package at a UPS facility or schedule a pickup. You can also choose to ship products on your own.


We provide UPS shipping labels, and you can drop off your package at a UPS facility or schedule a pickup. You can also choose to ship products on your own.


Receive payment in 1-3 business days after products are authenticated.

Buyback FAQ

How Can I sell my Gold In the USA?

Mainly there are three ways to sell gold in the USA, reliable online gold purchasers, bullion pawn shops, and neighborhood jewelers. Each method has its benefits and drawbacks.
For example starting with the neighborhood jeweler. The jeweler really doesn't deal with Coins & bars as would primarily be doing this as a service or accommodation for his or her customer's
The pawn shop probably has the latest hours & if that is your choice then so be it. Usually the type of customer that is comfortable at a pawn shop is not the kind that is looking up this on the internet.
Lastly there are the bullion dealers. There are 2 ways of selling to Bullion Dealers.
1. Calling or sending an email to try to sell. This should only be used as a 2nd choice as there are 2 issues using this method.
1. Since the product is not at hand the dealer isn't 100% sure of the quality of the product such as if its scratched or other problems that it may have.
2. The dealer has to give himself a wide latitude regarding the price that he is quoting you since you may or may not send the product & even if you send it may not be the exact item you described.
The best way to sell is to be able to go to a Dealer & show what you have & get the best possible price since everybody is clear what the item that is being sold is & that the sale can take place & there is the least uncertainty doing the transaction this way.
We at Bullion Trading have regular business hours & have knowledgeable representatives on hand to give the best possible prices that work for both the seller & buyer.
it is for this reason that 99% of people that come to sell to us indeed make the sale.

Can I sell Gold without a Bill?

All sales that are made to us & we pay the you with a check or wire we will make an invoice. We will need from you a photo ID & your SS#.
The reason for this is that at the year end our accountant has to issue to you a W2 from that shows the proceeds that were paid.