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Valcambi Suisse Mint

Valcambi Suisse

Valcambi Suisse Mint is a precious refinery company located within Balerna, Switzerland, managed by Rajesh Exports Limited. The Mint is owned by European Gold Refineries, a Global Gold Refineries AG affiliate. The latter is controlled by REL Singapore Pte. Ltd. (95%) and Rajesh Export Limited India (5%).


Rajesh Exports controls the Valcambi Suisse Mint 100%. The Mint refines gold, silver, and palladium bullion coins and bars. The Mint is among the largest refineries globally and produces more bullion bars and coins than other refineries. Other services the company include assaying precious metals, transportation, and storage.


Valcambi Mint was founded on May 15th, 1961. It was first named Valori & Cambi. Five Swiss entrepreneurs from Mendrisio founded the Mint. The name of the Mint changed to Valcambi on June 30th in 1967. Then, Credit Suisse bought 50% of the Mint. They later bought another 30% in 1967. Finally, Credit Suisse acquired the remaining 20% in 1980 and was granted full power over the facility.


The European Gold Refineries SA bought 100% of the gold refineries for around $400 million. Switzerland isn’t a mineral-rich nation. Yet, the majority of countries around the world send their precious metals to Switzerland to refine. The country is famous for refining high-quality bullion products that are a favorite among investors.


The Valcambi Mint is estimated to be responsible for processing more than 2,000 tons of precious metals every year. The Mint produces high-quality products, such as Valcambi platinum bars and Valcambi gold bars of the highest quality. In addition, the Mint manufactures additional silver, gold-palladium, platinum, and gold products.

The Valcambi mint provides gold bars and coins to central banks worldwide and government agencies and institutions. Alongside precious metals bullion in coins and bars, it makes collectible gold items and watches made of gold grain.


Valcambi mint has significantly refined precious metals to make top-quality bullion coins. When it was first established back in 1961, it was referred to as Valori & Cambi. The name was changed to Credit Suisse seven years later after merging into London and Comex Good Delivery. London company and Comex Good Delivery. The company has been operating under the London label for many years.


In the year, European Gold Refineries bought the Valcambi mint and made Credit Suisse withdraw its shares from the Mint. Between 2004 and 2009, the Mint made several strategic shifts, including implementing a different business strategy, acquiring leads, and forming partnerships with Newmont and several other banks.


In 2014, the Valcambi Suisse mint was honored with its 50th anniversary of being a producer of premium bullion products. The celebration was marked when Valcambi announced a change in its structure, a brand new logo, and a department for product innovation. The new departments were designed to assist in navigating the complex economic conditions. Since 2015 they have been owned by the Global Gold Refineries Limited, Singapore was the owner of Valcambi mint.


Valcambi mint has changed in terms of ownership. From the year 2003, Credit Suisse controlled the Mint. The company later sold the Mint to Newmont Mining, a gold-producing company with the majority stake in the Mint. In 2007, Newmont Mining purchased the Mint. Mitsubishi Corporation bought a percentage of the Mint. Rajesh Exports Ltd, the largest Indian Jewelry dealer, purchased the Valcambi Suisse mint in 2015.


The Valcambi Mint also works with high-value customers, such as renowned international banks. The Mint produces its bullion product using top-quality craftsmanship. As a result, its products are distinctive and recognized worldwide for precious metals. The demand worldwide for bullion products produced by Valcambi mint is proof that the company makes excellent bullion products.


For instance, the company is the renowned Responsible Gold Bullion series made from the Valcambi Green Gold. The company’s products are made of silver, gold platinum, palladium, or platinum. In 2011, Valcambi was granted an exclusive license to produce CombiBars. The bars are made according to the Valcambi standards for investment products with a different name and logo. The customized bars are sold to investors who purchase in huge quantities.


Dealers and banks dealing in precious metals can purchase as many CombiBars from Valcambi SA in Balerna. The Mint permits investors to purchase Valcambi gold bars of any size from 1 gram to a kilogram. For instance, 1-ounce CombiBar will be the one most sought-after among investors. The Mint’s gold bar is offered to be stored in safe voltages or shipped worldwide.


Valcambi SA is ranked as one of the most reputable international gold bullion makers, with its headquarters in Balerna located approximately 2 kilometers from Chiasso in the southeastern region of Switzerland. The Mint is near an international airport known as Milan Malpensa, a 30 minutes drive away from Balerna. The refinement of gold and the manufacturing of bars and other products made of precious metal are carried out in Balerna. The company is based on the 3.3-hectare site.

It is a private corporation with two shareholders. These include Newmont Mineral Holding BV that has 60.6% , and Private Equity, 39.4%. In addition, the Valcambi mint holds several accreditations, which comprise of: 


  • The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) 1968,
  • The CME Group Market Contract (COMEX) 1974,
  • The Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) 1982. 


As of 2005, Valcambi Mint has obtained approval from the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC).

The Mint is certified with the Central Office of Precious Metal Control, Berne Swiss Association of Manufacturers and Traders in Precious Metal. In addition, Valcambi mint also has ISO certification, receiving ISO 9001: 2008-Quality management systems and ISO 14001: 2004-Environment management systems.


Valcambi Suisse mint has maintained its relationship with Credit Suisse despite ownership changes. The Mint produces cast and minted bars that have been stored in the bank over the past 40 years. The Mint also produced the London Good Delivery silver bars from 1972. 


In 1997, the London Good Delivery platinum and palladium bars were also produced.


Apart from making Gold bullion, the firm also refines platinum, silver, and palladium bars. In addition, the Valcambi Mint also makes Silver products used in both the platinum and PGM industries. The Mint employs more than 177 workers.


The Valcambi Suisse mint offers different gold services to merchants dealing in gold products. The services the mint offers include:


  • Refining gold and recycling scrap
  • Producing gold products for the jewelry industry
  • Manufacturing gold products for the watch industry
  • Gold medals and coins
  • Gold bars


It also takes certain gold objects for refining up to a certain purity, typically .9999. The methods for refining gold used by the Valcambi Mint include electrolysis and wet chemical processing.


Bullion Coins and Medals from the Valcambi Mint


Valcambi mint has created, designed, and manufactured numerous numismatic medals and coins throughout the years. For instance, it was the first to create the ½ gram gold and silver medals. The medal was then sold to collectors and used for numismatics.


The mint-cut medals and coins are made from rolled sheets of metal. The medals and coins are high-quality finishes and are of high purity levels. Valcambi has technology that lets it manufacture all kinds of gold alloys in-house. Valcambi uses the latest technology and expert craftsmanship to produce exquisite commemorative items and legal tender.


Valcambi mint also offers services, such as artwork creation, design, plasterwork, die preparation, and high-end semi-finished products. The coins and medals made by the Mint have been certified by a specialized laboratory. They are also examined by experts and individually packed before shipping.


Valcambi Gold Bars


The Valcambi Mint makes eight types of cast and 23 minted bars. The cast bars comprise 400 Oz, 100 grams500 grams250 grams, ten tola, and five tola bars. The minted bars comprise 1/2 to 1000 grams bars and 1 Oz bars. The Mint also produces 50 gram, 20 gram, and 1 oz bars.


Valcambi mint produces custom bars. Valcambi mint also produces custom bars for firms and banks, including the renowned Credit Suisse. In 2003, they introduced various kinds of bars to the international markets. In addition, Valcambi mint is regarded as the first Mint to introduce 1000 g and 1 Oz bar minted in 1967.


The Valcambi Mint employs in-house designers and manufacturers familiar with the most advanced tools and dies to refine precious metals. The Mint casts bars are packaged in boxes containing standard quantities, including the 400 Oz,1000 grams, and 500 grams of Valcambi gold bars. Cast bars are also available in sizes of 250 g, 40 G, 50 g, along with 10 tons. The bars are all packed with assayer’s certificates.


In 2003, the Valcambi Suisse mint was able to issue 8 bars. They were available in 1/2 oz and 1 oz weights with different dimensions. In addition, the same year, the Mint introduced an extensive assortment of 14 round minted bars that came in 1-100 g, ½-1 oz, and 1-5 tola.


The Mint issued 14 oval-minted bars that were produced in 2007. The bars came with holes and were available in 1 g to 100 grams. However, in 2008, the firm launched the first-kilobar gold bar and followed it with 250 and 500 grams of minted bars, which came into the market in 2009. At the same time, they made Green Gold bars. The bars allowed wholesale customers to track where every bar came from.


In 2011, the firm launched unique Valcambi gold bars, which comprised 50 detachable grams bars. The bars are commonly referred to as CombiBar; they were developed for people to offer small gold gifts. The Mint in 2013 introduced an official stamp applied to CombiBar. All products made from bullion produced by the Mint later contained the CombiBar symbol.


Valcambi mint is highly sought-after by investors because they are widely known and available at very low premium prices, making them extremely popular. The most well-known gold bars made by the Mint include the 1-ounce gold bar and 100 grams Valcambi gold bar.


Investors from North America and the UK prefer the 1-ounce gold bar from Valcambi. Investors from the EU are more inclined to buy the 100-gram gold bars from the Valcambi mint. Investors from Europe prefer buying gold bars in ounces.


PAMP Suisse Mint vs. Valcambi Suisse Mint


PAMP Suisse and Valcambi Suisse are the two most influential and renowned refineries in the market. Furthermore, they are the most recognized and popular brands not only in Europe but also worldwide. So what makes them so the best of the best?


PAMP SuisseValcambi Suisse
1 ounce PAMP Suisse gold bars are wider and taller than Valcambi gold bars.1 ounce Valcambi gold bars are thicker than PAMP Suisse gold bars
Offers gold bars at higher premiums than Valcambi Suisse Mint.Offers gold bars at lower premiums than PAMP Suisse Mint.
Minimum fineness is 999.9Minimum fineness is 999.9
Globally recognized and LiquidGlobally recognized and Liquid

Revenue and Sales Patterns 


In 2019, the Valcambi mint earned an annual income of 24,010,143.17 million dollars. In 2020, the Valcambi mint made an overall income of 26,715,689.15 million dollars with a growth of 11.25 percent in revenues. The Mint is refining more than 907.49 tons of pure gold. A total of 582 tonnes of gold are utilized to produce bullion coins and bars. A further 170.82 tons of pure gold are used to produce jewelry and other gold-based products.


The Mint refunds around 154.12 tons of gold once all the work has been completed. In addition, around 125 tons of gold are minted into bars that are exported to different countries around the globe.


Additionally, 37.85 tons of pure gold from the Mint is sold in India and the UAE and directly in retail stores. Seven tons worth of the gold is sold directly to the public as jewelry from SHUBH jewelers.


Valcambi mint boasts a solid income base, with all the evidence that suggests that the Mint will be profitable. The Valcambi Mint is a major player in every aspect of the value chain of gold supply. Additionally, the Mint provides the lowest prices to jewelry manufacturers. It makes high-quality gold products in increasing demand in the world market.


Other indicators suggest an impressive performance of the Mint due to the development of a worldwide distribution and marketing system. The Mint also boasts of the largest refining/manufacturing facility with a strong research and development department. In addition, a highly skilled management team manages Valcambi mint, which will improve performance in the coming years.


Valcambi Mint’s Distribution Channels


It has distributors throughout India and the Middle East that supply gold jewelry directly to showrooms. The Mint supplies more than 5,000 showrooms across India and the Middle East with jewelry. The Mint operates its stores under SHUBH Jewelers with 83 showrooms in India. The Valcambi mint sells gold bars to every gold market in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Yes. Valcambi Suisse is a reputable and renowned precious metal refinery company, being one of the most trusted in the industry. It is one of Switzerland’s largest refineries: Valcambi, PAMP Suisse, Argor-Heraeus, and Metalor.

Valcambi Gold is made in Balerna, Switzerland. Valcambi refining is done in the Valcambi headquarters in Switzerland.

Banks and Bullion dealers are required to place an order for 100 or more Valcambi bars directly at Valcambi headquarters in Balerna, Switzerland.

Valcambi Mint, owned by the Rajesh Exports Limited, is a Swiss-based precious metal refinery company in Balerna, Switzerland. Having its headquarters in Switzerland, Valcambi is one of the biggest refineries in Switzerland including PAMP Suisse, Argos-Heraeus, and Metalor.

Valcambi Mint is located in Balerna, Switzerland.

Valcambi bars are bullion bars produced by the Valcambi Mint. The Valcambi gold bars contain 99.99% purity have 24K gold and come in various sizes and weights. Valcambi Bars are available at Bullion Trading LLC in NYC.

Yes. Valcambi gold is a good investment as they are IRA-approved and are highly liquid.

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